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Last weekend, our girls went on a field trip to a local fire Station with their Girl Scout troop (this is so cool as our youngest goes to all these events but she is technically not a Girl Scout) Most of  Dylan’s posse from school belong to this Girl Scout troop so it of a lot of run for her.

Dylan's Posse

Dylan’s Posse

Any who, they all came home from this adventure with Dylan’s best friend from school and her older sister.

She says, “Guess what Daddy? We are going to have a sleepover tonight! Isn’t that exciting?”

Now I don’t know what is the proper age for sleepovers is. maybe some of you do. But this seemed a bit premature in Daddy’s eyes. But not so much to my more ‘liberal’ wife though. So I went with it.

Eight O’clock came and the youngest girls went to bed, this is Dylan’s  friend. By 8:20 we had her bundled up and in the car to take her back to her house. She was too scared it turns out.

But her older sister by two years was still game for the sleepover. She rode with her younger sister back to her house and then rode with Mom back to our house.

Now I know you all know about the fun and shenanigans that go on at sleepovers. Well this girl didn’t.

Instead of sleeping upstairs with my two daughters she so much more preferred the roomier downstairs guest bedroom.  So while my two girls slept on the floor waiting for her to sleep with them, she rested leisurely in the queen bed downstairs. She preferred to be treated more like a queen it appeared.

But sleeping wasn’t on this girl’s mind. She came out once for some thing to eat. (we also had a pizza party for dinner that night) She came out again for something to eat. She came out a third time for something to eat.

I ended up going to bed around 11:30 that Saturday night, waiting for her to fall asleep. She was busy playing hide and seek with me. She would sneak out close to the kitchen. When I heard her I would get up and then she would run a fast as she could back to her guest suite.

I ended going upstairs to bed (my most favorite thing I look forward to all day). About 12:30 we get a knock on our door. She wants to go home. My wife, a lot more tolerant person by nature, got up with her. When she didn’t come back to bed immediately I got up to see what the story was.

Here was our guest in my office on the phone trying to call her Nana to pick her . She says, “I don’t know why nobody is answering.

I said “I do, SHE IS SLEEPING!  She doesn’t hear the phone.”

So I marched this young lady back to her room. Since she claimed she couldn’t sleep I turned the TV on for her and went back to my room. I prayed for guidance, no more interruptions and a house full of slumber.

The next morning I woke up to make everyone breakfast. Blueberry and banana pancakes were on the menu!  I go downstairs and all the girls are eating popcorn at 7:15 in the morning while watching a movie. Apparently our overnight guest found some microwave popcorn and decided to fix it for all the girls. Fine. “Who wants breakfast?”

Everyone but our guest chimed in with the number of pancakes that they could eat.  About this time I noticed all the lights were on in the house. So I started turning them off, following a trail of lights back to our guest bedroom. When I got back there it appeared I missed a party the night before.

There was an empty canister of peanuts on the nightstand, an empty bowl of salsa, a coke and a once bitten pop tart..all on the night stand. errrr!

In all fairness, these two young ladies are actually really sweet girls and some of Dylan’s best friends at school. I didn’t do my first sleep over until 5th or 6th grade I imagine. And I bet I was no favored guest my first times either. .. till I learned the ropes.

And I am sorry,  that is not what this blog is about. Let me take you to some place warm and fuzzy. Last week I threatened promised you with some more excerpts from Dylan’s writing journal. Here is one about her utty-ba-cutie  younger sister. Enjoy!

Skye at dinner with daddy

“I am thank full for my sisstre beckuse she is the Best sisstre a vall. I love me sisstre”

(It actually appears much longer written in her journal)


sisters in the rain


Lets hear it for Sisters everywhere! Sometimes they can be your best friend a vall!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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14 thoughts on “Sisters

  1. A lovely post indeed! The sisters are making great memories. Have a fabulous weekend with your family.

  2. She had a ravenous no-sleeping disorder fed by a relentless call from the munchies, who summoned her all night it seemed. Like I alluded too, these are good kids, just not well versed in the protocol of sleepovers yet at their young age. Thanks for looking in SSM! have a great Monday and rest of the week…

  3. Perhaps the poor guest had a sleepwalking disorder while suffering with a ravenously relentless tapeworm. Regardless, congratulations on surviving that sleepover saga!

  4. Sorry Ms. Miiu, I do embellish some times (writers prerogative?). These are good kids and they come from a good family. I just think the ground rules for ‘sleepovers’ may not have been rolled out just yet. So how soon is your lil Heiress going to be able to sleep over? Thanks for looking in our little cuckoo nest Ms Miiu! Have a great weekend…

  5. Yea, me too. Live and learn, right? I pass it all off on my spouse who agreed to it in the first place. And she did a lot of the work in the end anyway. Thanks Ms Aurora for dropping by.. have a great weekend!

  6. miiu on said:

    holy mother of god… i would have completely lost it if i were you 😀 guess i’m not as tolerant as i thought i was…

  7. I’m doing fine, just working too hard lately! I hope you’re doing well, Andy!

  8. Too soon I guess.

  9. that is what I was thinking, I would, could never raid someone else’s cupboard. But my wife thought it wasn’t such a big deal, that the girl was just hungry. In the end its all about the kids! I hope you are doing great Sandy! Looking forward to some good news from you…Thanks for dropping by

  10. I think I was had by my wife! But then again she was the one who carted the first one back home and got up when the second one knocked. Live and learn! She doesn’t like to deny the girls… I hope you are doing great Luanne! I can always use your valuable advice…

  11. I was thinking the first time I did a sleep over I had to be about in 5th or 6th grade, not kindergarten. And maybe I use the use of the word ‘posse’ loosely here. Those girls are most of her best friends that are in her class but its not like they are hanging out at the mall yet. Thanks for dropping by Grandma Wa Wa! Always great to hear from you….

  12. That’s a cute story. JUST KIDDING! I couldn’t imagine as a child or even now, helping myself to someone else’s fridge, food, or cupboards. Good job for hangin’ in there.

  13. I think you got HAD, Andy. That girl is a pro.

  14. Oh I’m with you, those sleepovers were torture! I dreaded every time I was asked if someone could stay over. I love that Dylan has a posse but most of all she is close to her sisters. Sisters are God’s promise that we will never be alone!

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