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The Latest Fad

Hey everyone! Want to be let in on the latest fad?

Want to see what is sweeping our area; that all of my friends and family are looking at?

It is a crazy, fun, generous fad that all the cool, hip people are doing. Wanna see? 

But first, here is a commercial that Dylan did for YOU to tell you about it….

(you don’t want to miss this)

Yes, I am pimping this blog once again to encourage one of our kids. But hey, the kids get little rewards for the more pledges they bring in! After her very first night of receiving a few $1 and $2 pledges she received a Fun Run lunch bag, cool water bottle, and a trendy bracelet for her rewards. 

Now, after a few more pledges, she only needs one more pledge to win a pair of Fun Run sneakers. Three more pledges allows her (and her class) to participate in “No Shoes Day” where they can take off their shoes at school and just wear their socks in her classroom for the day. How cool is that? 

Dylan actually has more dollars per lap donated than all the rest of her class combined. She is a Leader!

 And if she gets another pledge like she did from my buddy Jay she may just have her name broadcast across the morning announcements. Gosh I would hate for that to happen 🙂

The goal of the Fun Run, besides raising money for their school is for the individuals to develop some interest in Fitness, Leadership, and build some Character. Not bad ideas for our young people these days.


If you would like to participate in this fast growing fad, here is a link to Dylan’s homepage at school for the event where you can look around and find out more. If you care to make a pledge to support Dylan in her Fun there is a pledge tab to jump on.

To my friends in Canada, or Switzerland, or Mexico or else where and abroad if you want to participate in this X-tremely fun (and rewarding) trend email me or let me know in a comment. Hopefully we can work something out. 🙂

Thanks for considering Dylan’s Fun Run drive!

Its for a good cause and brings smiles to lots of kids faces.

(like mine)

Isn’t that infectious smile in the video worth a dollar a lap in itself?

Yes, they grow up so fast!

Charlie's Angels

 Have a great weekend everyone!

We will now return you to your regularly scheduled blogs

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4 thoughts on “The Latest Fad

  1. Did you catch our happy girl in the video? She raised over $500, as much as the rest of her class. I don’t know if its too late to donate or not. You could try that link. I am sure their will be more from her school in the near future. they are always doing something. OR you could donate and become a ground floor member of my Wild Indigo Way Pool Society, a collection of money to help fund the pool we want to build in our backyard. As a founding member to our Pool Society Club you can have free access to the pool (and wet bar stock 24/7. I accept checks or cash 🙂 ~ Thanks for looking in Ms. Lolabees! I hope you and your business are doing great!

  2. That’s just too cute. Is it too late to donate?

  3. Hey John, thanks for your pledge! $1.50? Hard time deciding between $1 and $2? She appreciates it and will give you a call when its all over. We hope you all are doing good! Thanks for your generosity!

  4. johnm983 on said:

    Okay I am in!  You can tell, because I am the weirdo that pledged the 1.50.  Very nice video Dylan and Andy!! Good luck Dylan, have fun!!!!!!!  Uncle John

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