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We are in good hands

One rainy night while on vacation this past summer we snuck out to see a movie, Guardians of the Galaxy. It was the best choice available at the time, although I really wasn’t excited about seeing a comic book movie with a talking raccoon. I mean how desperate can you get to sell a movie, right? A talking raccoon?

Guardians of the galaxyWell now the movie is out in Red Box and probably Netflix and you know what? It’s just my best favorite movie right now.

The movie is really not what you might expect. Yes, it is modeled similar to a Raiders of the Lost Ark

Kinda Raiderish

But it is accompanied by the best classic song mix and it doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s really funny!

From the very beginning it was a little bit different, not your usual Marvel Super Hero story. You knew this would be a fun, hip movie from this intro below… but what about the story?

And beware.. of the “pelvic sorcery in this fun intro….”

See what I mean about the music?

The song, “Come And Get Your Love” really sticks with you.

Meet Peter Quill. He was abducted by aliens right after his mother died when she gave him her favorite Mixed Tape from back in the 70’s. He grew up a kinda misfit outlaw, stole all my dance moves from that era, and soon came known by another name….. almost.

Star Lord. He is young and hip, misunderstood and not at all a fan of Ninja Turtles….

Through a series of misadventures he steals some sort of destructive orb that lots of people want. After beating each other up he teams up with a band of outlaws trying to break out of jail, calling themselves the Guardians Of The Galaxy!

Introducing Ana,AnaNow anyone old enough to follow Star Trek knows the effects a green woman can have on a man, namely one James T. Kirk. Turns out this chameleon  was also the main blue female character in Avatar as well as playing Uhura on the new Star Trek movies.  She is adventurous in any color, handcuffs or not.

There is also Drax

a good guyThis maniac was in prison with our other heroes. The antagonist in the movie killed his family and he is seeking revenge. He comes from a planet where everyone is quite literal. And it makes for a lot of fun in the movie. Check it out here….

There is also the talking raccoon who is a genetic experiment and he travels with another experiment, a living tree that doubles as his ‘muscle’. The tree is known as ‘Groot’, played by Vin Diesel, and that’s all he ever says.

I am GrootAs well as the hero, slash, outlaw, from our home planet…Peter Quill, a.k.a. Star Lord

meet the Star LoardOur heroes weren’t always good friends but always funny….

There is also the mandatory bad guy…

Bad guyAlong with the customary evil bad chic robotiod…


Along with some more white, black and blue bad guys..

more bad guys There was also the Star Trek destined hot flash between the earth male and the hot green gal..

You really want it don't you?

You really want it don’t you?

 All in all, it is a real fun movie and I really really recommend it. Like I said, it is not your typical Marvel comic book story. Its adventure and some unexpected great laughs (I love to laugh) and some awesome ‘Mixed Tape’  selections for a classic sound track. …although I am so ruining the plot for you here today, aren’t I?

awesome mix tape soundtrack!The music is great, great musical transitions in scenes with some classics. The movie even ends in a dance off…

No, that’s not the dance off. Its at the end with Baby Groot (I’ll let that plot twist marinate for a while). This is dance off is accompanied by the best dancer ever…none other than Michael Jackson…

Yes, we are in good hands in our galaxy with Marvel and some Guardians taking care of us! Go pick it up this weekend..

….and it’s so great having kids so I can be a kid again too.   🙂

Have a good week everyone! And I want you back!

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16 thoughts on “We are in good hands

  1. When it came out I really didn’t want to see it either. the talking raccoon I thought was asking a bit much. But we saw it from lack of choices on vacation and fell in love with it. We watched it again on Friday. Next Friday may be a Guardians night too so come on by.. Have a great week Sandy! Thanks for dropping by..

  2. I’ve been really not wanting to see this movie but you may have just piqued my interest.

  3. When are you going to see it?

  4. You didn’t! I also didn’t watch any of the clips you posted for that very reason. 😉

  5. Isn’t a fun movie? It leaves me with the feeling of being at a party for some reason. I liked it so much my wife got it for me for Christmas and this past weekend she bought the soundtrack too. So any time you want to watch it come on over! At the end we can do our ‘dance off’. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by Ms. Lulu! Have the best week!

  6. I loved this movie too….the girls and i watched it 2 times in a row LOL

  7. Mom bought it for me for Christmas after we all watched and enjoyed it on the rental. Yes, its ok for the kids too I think. there is one part where the bad guy sacrifices a prisoner, where you don’t see the act but see the blood running into a maze of sorts. Other than that is is just good fun humor. Or a good date night flick. I hope you like it! Thanks for dropping by PIF! Have a great week..

    PS..mommy actually bought me the soundtrack this weekend and 10CC is playing in the house right now from the movie. The kids put it on!

  8. This is totally on our list. It looks pretty good.

  9. Good! Cheesy like this post? The only thing cheesier is cheese 🙂

  10. Haha, Andy, on the big screen :). All those winter and Christmas disaster movies, lots of others. The cheesier the better.

  11. I hope I didn’t spoil it for you Lora. I hope you still enjoy it now that I gave away a few of the scenes. Listen close to when Krax speaks. He can be funny. Have a great week Ms. Lolabees! Thanks for stopping by…

  12. Oh gosh, I hope you mean on the big screen and not in real life. If you need a brake, this one will put a smile on your face. Thanks for joining us at the movies Luanne! have a great week!

  13. If I haven’t spoiled it for you now check it out. its lots of fun…although you may not be old enough to appreciate the great mix tape tunes.. 🙂 Happy Monday Susie! Thanks for stopping by….

  14. Funny you should mention this movie… I am planning to see it next weekend!

  15. Hah, it sounds fun. Right now I’m on a disaster movie kick. One after another.

  16. Sounds like a good one!

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