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Pop Quiz II

Pop Quiz everybody!

Now any one that has been following my blog for awhile will know what this is about but I want to test your knowledge in 3D.

What does the following picture mean? These have come to represent more than just 2000 empty calories. What significance does this pic represent?

vIMG_20150213_173018799_HDRSo do you know?

Take the quiz below.

The answers are forth coming in my next post.

PS: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Have a sweet one!

Love Ya….

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5 thoughts on “Pop Quiz II

  1. …upon reflection here, you are probably right, there is nothing more valuable than donuts…

  2. If we guess correctly, do we get the donuts??

    • You have to read ahead for the actual prize. , and answer. Something way more valuable then donuts! But if you get it right and still want the donuts I will figure it out.

      Thanks for playing!!

    • I’m pretty sure there’s nothing more valuable than donuts, but I’ll be interested to see what you think is. 😉 I’ll be tuned in!

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