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She shoots! She scores!

Hi Gang!

I wanted to send a quick post to friends and family about what is going on here in our ‘burb’. Everyone always asks “so how are the girls doing?” So I wanted to do one about them on their blog for a change.

Remember these girls?

Remember these girls?

Time did not expand after the holidays. These days every Saturday morning starts off with a ‘competitive’ came of basketball.

Skylar is enrolled in a youth basketball league sponsored by our town and a local church.


We wanted to do something for her since her sister is in Girls

Sscouts. Plus she really needs an energy outlet.

Know what? She’s pretty good for her short self! Playing among her peers, she scored the first two baskets the first game and has scored two baskets in every game since.

"Go ahead, make my day!"

“Go ahead, make my day!”

And as good as she is getting at tossing the ball in, or at the hoop, she is even more tenacious on defense. So much so that the refs have to ask her to back up sometimes to give the other kids with the ball a chance.

There also has been a plethora of kids birthdays lately. The trendy kids birthday party this year is at the local ice skating palace, er, castle.

Who would have thought in South Carolina the girls would gravitate to ice skating?

Oh, I know why?

Every daughter appears to be a Princess at this palace, er, Castle!

Every daughter appears to be a Princess at this palace, er, Castle!

Yes, the owners of this ice skating palace know how to ride the Disney train! Of course our girls have a great time pushing themselves around the ice. Dylan can go lickety-split now without the use of her ‘walker’. And you just never know who you will run into at the palace…

I like warm hugs

I like warm hugs

I, on the other hand, have been a Grinch, due to this darn, cheap, no accountable FreeMotion treadmill I bought. The manufacturer said they would forward a magical card to insert into he machine that was supposed to restart the machine.

If you remember it was out of stock. Well after waiting 10 days for the card to get ‘in stock’ the company tells me it no longer is made.

Say what?

So now they are going to send me the entire top console of the treadmill to fix that machine and get it running again.

Only that too is out of stock.  

Did I mention the is a FREEMOTION TREADMILL with the fancy IFIT android console.

Folks, I really can’t recommend this company (Icon) or any of its products. Everything seems to be “out of stock” once you buy it, except all the warranties they offer. It really upsets me.

And they wouldn’t like me when I am upset.


But wait!

This post was supposed to about the girls. Did I mention Dylan also got straight A’s again on her report card last week? Yep! We are so proud of her. Although getting straight A’s is not really any trick for her any more.

This is the trick our silly girl is working on….

Daddy, I smell thunder. Was that you?

Daddy, I smell Thunder. Was that you?

…..trying to hold her little nostrils shut. Kids! But she will do anything she sets her mind too.

Which reminds me of some amazing weather we had last week, complete with the most amazing and brilliant rainbow I had ever scene when leaving work one day.


The base of the rainbow was brilliant like it was on fire. It lit up the sky around the base. See the second rainbow behind it? And how the weather is different on the outside of the rainbow versus the inside of the rainbow? I just had to stop and appreciate it for a minute.

Appreciate it like I do for all of you and my wonderful family.

I appreciate you all!

Have a great weekend everyone!

May all your shots go through their hoops!

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8 thoughts on “She shoots! She scores!

  1. Yes, they are growing up fast. We are talking how the youngest starts school next year. We are so blessed. They are so bright and funny. Shhhhh …wait I may have a few more photo ops and stories this week with Valentine’s. I am so glad you stopped by Ms. Fingerprinting. Always nice to hear from you…

  2. Lovely update on the girls! They sure are growing up quickly:-) I like the bit about the magical card to restart your machine! Have a great week:)

  3. A Japanese, Mexican Leprechaun, ah? You know the secret to the gold? As for the treadmill, its still a wait and see. I am waiting for them to tell me the console’s have been finished and shipped to them so that they can ship to me. I feel totally helpless. maybe i should sic Ms. Aurora on them. They are closer to your side of our country. Thanks for looking in Ms. Aurora! I always look forward to your candid ideas and fun perceptions. Have a great weekend!

  4. I didn’t notice that wig thing. Truth be told the two were actually heading towards the dressing room for the end of their day when Sky tracked them down. Yes we are blessed with some girls with a lot of potential. They get that from their Mom. have a great weekend PIF. Always great to hear from you!

  5. I have put a stop payment for it on my AmX. but this beautiful machine is just siting there like a small Leer jet in my downstairs and I can’t take it for a run.. its depressing.. I better quit now before I really get going again. I hope everything is working and working out for you Susie i your Wild ride! thanks for dropping by…

  6. Good to see them back on their blog.
    Im gonna guess that the trash talk continues just like in soccer, something to be proud about.
    I was going to ask “so, what now about the treadmill?”, but I suppose it goes into the next post.
    aint there gold at the base of the rainbow? maybe enough for a new treadmill, the brilliant one is an obvious decoy, the real gold is at the faint rainbow.

  7. Love how “Elsa” is making sure her wig doesn’t slip for that picture. It’s a very clever idea having those two at the ice skating rink. And congrats to your girls for their many achievements!

  8. Thanks for your family update! That’s a bummer about the treadmill. I would resemble the Hulk too

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