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The Star (Wars) Treatment


to bring you up to speed on our Magical Disney trip…

First, our girls seemed to disappear on the Tower Of Terror ride. Disneys_Hollywood_Studios_Tower Of Terror Scared !

It turned out that some of the Disney magic fairy dust only shrunk them; they were never really lost.

In order to prevent some sort of a law suit Disney allowed us to star in their upcoming 7 Dwarfs Mine Ride commercial.

Which we did!

They liked us so much for our happy smiles and marketable potential they signed us to contracts to star in future Disney sparfs flicks.


So, on our final day at Disney, they whisked us on a very quick Star Wars promo spot, also a cameo featuring yours truly, and a photo shoot for future auditions.

They paraded us off as our new adoring fans looked on...

They paraded us off like stars as our new adoring fans looked on…

For some reason they thought I was the Yoda character!

As if….

Here we are at our very special Star Wars photo shoot before the scenes were ready to begin…

Disneys_Hollywood_Studios_ EntranceIt was awesome! We were treated like Stars! Like Royalty!  With dignity and respect!

Here is more from our Imperial shoot:

OK, well we are still paying our dues in the Star Wars saga it appears.

Then it was off to lunch with the rest of the Star Wars stars a the local Disney studios’ canteen.

Try rushing ahead of that guy in the lunch line! He will give you the look of death; and actually breaths like that ALL THE TIME!

But we couldn’t stay past lunch cause we were trying to get Dylan back for her last day of school.

Disney seemed duly disappointed.

Caught off guard, they didn’t know how to pay us for our work that week on short notice. So they ushered us over to the Future Track building and paid us with some little sports car to tie us over until our next scenes.

Epcot Test Track D

…and on the way out they gave us each a prototype Action Figure set they started working on that morning, telling us they hoped to get them on the shelves before the Christmas holiday.

In Toy Stores by the Christmas rush

In Toy Stores by the Christmas rush

Those cute girls should blow away those Ewok sales figures

My little diva was still not satisfied however. Her new popularity gone to her head evidently. And so we had to put her in Time-Out, Star Wars style, before we hit the road.

Disneys_Hollywood_Studios_handcuffedSo begins hour Disney Hollywood (Studios) career!

I would be happy to sign photos or do guest posts at the going Star Wars cast rates….

Have a great week knuckleheads!

Don’t worry, I only have 200 more Disney pics to drop on you.

I told you I we had a great time for our first visit!

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4 thoughts on “The Star (Wars) Treatment

  1. Sandy! You would fit right in with our shenanigans!! Please join us next time! ~ we only go places if its warm. And then you too could pummel your blog readers with pictures and made up adventures. Heck, acting silly ishalf the fun! Come join us!

  2. I really feel like I need to invite myself along to one of your family vacations.

  3. 🙂 Thanks Diana! We enjoyed ‘making’ it! I hope your day is Magical! Thanks for joining in the fun! xo

  4. I L O V E the commercial Andy, so cute! ❤
    Diana xo

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