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Isn’t this worth it?

A strange thing happened at our house last week.

A fancy, jigunda teal lawn ornament waiting for me when I got home from work

A fancy, jigunda teal lawn ornament waiting for me when I got home from work

What the heck?

And then I found this!

..and the dog out did himself in the hole he dug this time

..,the dog out did himself in the hole he dug this time

I think I need to sit down!

The kids didn't seem to mind!

The kids didn’t seem to mind!

They just like to climb

They just like to climb

Now what?

Enter Mr. Crane

Enter Mr. Crane. Girls, you better get out of the pool!

Up, Up and away...

Up, Up and away…

Navigating through the houses

Navigating through the houses

Opps! someone forgot to open the gate for Mr. Crane

Opps! Someone forgot to open the gate for Mr. Crane

Touch down!

Touch down!

leveling the pool. I didn't plan on my backyard quite looking like this!

Leveling the pool. I didn’t plan on my backyard quite looking like this!

Leveling it already? Really? When the backyard looks like this?

You want me to sod this rough backyard? I didn't feel like smiling

You want me to sod this rough backyard? I didn’t feel like smiling. I felt like crying!

I'm starting to feel better.

I’m starting to feel a little better now.

And that is the evolution of a smile!

And isn't this worth it?

Isn’t this worth it?

And this is just the beginning of our Spring week with the Great Aunt Sue!

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15 thoughts on “Isn’t this worth it?

  1. Your killing me Smalls! Do you want to see me turn grey before your very eyes??

  2. Ummm…might I add one more story (sure to raise the hair on a dad’s head)? When we were in our teens, my sister and I got these cool, light covers for the pool that would turn the regular pool light red or green or blue or orange. It was the neatest thing…but then we’d wait for the sun to go down, when you could see the pool steaming, pop on one of the light covers and invite the cute neighborhood boys over for a night swim. Ha, ha…..poor, poor Daddy!

  3. Yes, and poor Dad still has to pay the power bills! Some things never change πŸ™‚

  4. Nancy, the pool is easily a month late getting in the ground. Half the summer may be over before we get a chance to really enjoy it, although if the electrician makes it out tomorrow the pool may be swimmable by the weekend. Its been 98 degrees here the last three days! We are all ready! hmmmm, a pic of me in the pool? Aunt Sue would have to be down again or else you are more likely to get a pic of me creatively laying ou the sod. But I do hope to enjoy it really soon. You guys are welcome to come join us. We are right 45 minutes from Ken’s brothers house. Then you can use your own camera. πŸ™‚ Have the best week N ancy! Thanks for dropping by!

  5. no need for a heater here. We filled the pool up last weekend and I bet it is 75-80 degrees now due to our recent weather. I don’t think a lot of people do heaters in our area of the SC. You really don’t need them unless you want to swim in it year round. I would have loved to see the steam at night too, with the pool lights. Yes, keeping an eye on the young ones though. Point taken. I hope you are doing great Dr. Lynn! Thanks for dropping by!

  6. it is a neat process I thought. Its all new to me. We never had a pool growing up. I was all big and bold and ready to tackle the sodding chores and I came home from work and saw this torn up back yard and about cried. I guess I am ‘out sourcing’ the sodding portion now. Know anybody that would want to help? Thanks for dropping by Betsy! I will have it ready to swim in th next time.

  7. That’s why I did the post. I thought it was interesting too. From hoisting this heavy pool over houses to tearing up the backyard and making it livable again afterwards. It needs the electricity hooked up next plus the builder wants to let it sit for two weeks and let it settle before he adds the surrounding cement for the deck. But, cross your fingers, it maybe swimmable this weekend. Come on down with your bad self and some fav beverages. We an break it in. Thanks for looking in Maria! I hope you are doing great!

  8. Hey Andy,

    Perfect timing for the hot summer days ahead!

    P.S. Now we need to see a picture of you enjoying the pool! πŸ™‚

  9. Looks so great! Your kids are going to love it. Just beware as they grow up. When My sister and I were teenagers and my dad wasn’t watching carefully, we’d turn the heat up…ALL the way up…and make a “still” jacuzzi out of our pool. The steam coming off it at night was a cool effect. Poor dad had to pay the heating bill!

  10. wow. What a process!

  11. How cool!!!! I love seeing the stages of a pool install – I had no idea it was this intricate . What a great start to the summer! πŸ‘™

  12. Everyone here is looking forward to the finished product. And at 98 degrees outside it can be completed soon enough! Come on by ! πŸ™‚ Have the best week Mari! Thanks for looking in….

  13. Yes, I loved it too. I had to include it! I am hoping everyone on your Wild Ride is all smiles! Thanks for dropping by Susie!

  14. Yup! Totally worth it.

  15. Surf’s up! Love the last photo!

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