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Stairclimb Recap

Just a quick Summary of our Stairclimb last Saturday.

Stretching for her climb

Stretching for her climb

Dylan did a great job! She conquered all 1500 stairs in just over 13 minutes; good enough for 17th place Overall. She stayed focused, didn’t go out to fast, and didn’t miss a step. Here is how she finished the Stairclimb (chase)….

ala 7

ala 8

Waving her timing bracelet at the Finish Line

Waving her timing bracelet at the Finish Line

She doesn’t even look tired does she?

Yes, since she was under the age of 12 a parent or guardian had to run with her. And if I look a lot more sweaty than she does its because I just finished the Stairclimb course right before she took off.

ala 6

Yes I ran the course by myself first to see what kind of wind I have left in my lungs. I got about half way around the coliseum and thought this is crazy! I have to finish this and then try to keep up with a very energetic Dylan as she does her thing.  ~ My legs still are tight and sore!

I should have thought of a better strategy before my race..

I should have thought of a better strategy before my race..

We were even joined by some local celebrities doing the Stairclimb

ala 10

Most importantly it all was for a great cause….fresh air, healthy lungs!

Our team raised $650 for the Climb For Air Stairclimb, thanks in a large part to Dylan. That was part of the $34,265 that the Stairclimb raised for the Lung Association. Sadly the Lung Association did not hit there goal of $45,000. We may have to enter the 5K Run For Air in the fall then. But Dylan did her part!

Thanks again everybody for your interest, support, generosity and love!

ala climb

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23 thoughts on “Stairclimb Recap

  1. It is a great idea. Not much can help you appreciate your lungs like running up and down some stairs. Right? yes, I am not much of a fundraiser but I recognized the potential in Dylan as friends and family have a hard time saying No to her. Me, not so much 🙂 Have a great week Sandy! Thanks for dropping by..

  2. Don’t say that. I got back into running in my mid 30’s when the doctor told me my shoulders were too bad to lift anymore. And over the next 10 years I got faster each year, even after some injuries. I ran my fastest 5k’s and 10’s when I was 46. So you may have plenty of good times ahead of you! (running wise)

  3. She’ll probably beat me. I’m getting slower as I age!

  4. This sounds like a great idea! Thank you for sharing your and Dylan’s parts in it. And way to go on the doubling up!!

  5. Since I am not sure where Doha is I am guessing you will have to participate in some other way.. Or fly in?

  6. Can I participate from Doha?? Or just send money when the time comes?

  7. OK! you are on the team Mari! Training starts in 9 months! Glad to have you on the team… 🙂 have a great weekend Mari! Thanks for stopping by….

  8. Yes, you are so right with the stairclimbing. If you are not looking down in front of you, you will trip. (I have proven this several times!) And Dylan thinks she can take you in a 5K then. Of course she thinks she can beat me too. Have a great weekend Nat!

  9. Thanks for your kind words Betsy. You are sooo gracious (and cool). No I can’t imagine this stairclimb slowing you down any. Thanks again for your generosity! We appreciate it so much. I hope Dylan can thank you herself some day. And thanks for stopping by the blog! We love having you drop by! Have a great weekend my friend! 🙂

  10. Count on me for team funding next year! Wish I would have come by sooner. But it looks like you both had an awesome time. Woohoo

  11. Ha ha! I don’t think 5km is too much for a 7 year old. The last race I ran had a kids race and some 10km races I’ve ran, kids have ran with their parents! There are quite a few kids running clubs here and I swear they’re faster than me, which isn’t that difficult to be!
    I find the trick with stair running, is only look a few steps in front. If you look up, ugh!

  12. Congratulations to Dylan and Andy! What a tough climb .. WOW!! I woulda been on my butt in the first 100 steps and you made it blazing through 1500. And Andy did it twice? Hope you’re wearing your cape after that feat, Dad. Your support, dedication and athleticism will help many through the ALA funds raised.


  13. Its funny, Dylan had to wait for me to finish before she could start so she was at the end of the line, or with the people who thought they would be slower. I think she ended up passing 5 adults on the course; our else she might have improved on her time. Her time was about midway through the pack of 35 1500 stair climbers. Several firefighters actually wore their full suit, masks with oxygen, the tanks, everything. Yikes!

  14. I would have come in 18th. Imagine doing that in full firefighter uniform! Yikes!

  15. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by Karen! Have a great week!

  16. Thanks Diana! We had a blast…..even if she thinks she still beat me 🙂 Have a great week Diana! Thanks for dropping by….

  17. I think she took it easy on her dad. She ran with a lot more energy during our practice the week before. The climb has that feeling of really challenging you about half way through but then its over in another few minutes and so you think, “that wasn’t so bad”, much like Dylan’s expression. She is on her way to more and more events. Is a 5K run too much for a 7 yr old?

  18. Our climb was not too bad. Its tough but its also over in 10 minutes so you can ‘tough’ it out that long. The other climb, all 5000 stairs is the hard one, most people just walk instead of race. it was air conditioned in the big, empty coliseum though so it wasn’t too bad; a great place to exercise in the hot summer! I’m just sweaty cause I had to do it twice in a row, pretty much back-to-back. That really kid my legs. Thanks for dropping by Nancy. Have a great week!

  19. Way to go Dylan and Andy! ❤
    Diana xo

  20. Great work both of you!

    I love Dylan’s pre race clime look ‘Uh oh, what I’ve let myself in for!’ and at the end ‘That was easy!’!

  21. Hey Andy,

    That stair climb looks tough! And I’m sure it was very hot that day too.

    Congratulations to you and Dylan for finishing.


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