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Just another weekend in the life of a Charmed one….

Last Friday, as I was reading a new comment from an old friend, my wife got a text asking if Dylan would like to spend “an overnight trip on a ship” this (past) weekend?

Are you kidding me?

Here it turns out a small group of Girl Scouts from Charlotte, NC had a package plan that they paid for with their Girl Scout cookie money funds and one girl had to cancel at the 11th hour. And it was a pretty sweet deal, especially to fall on the lap of a 7-year-old out of nowhere.

The trip included dinner at CiCi’s pizza Friday night, then an Oceanography class, scavenger hunts, a trip to the local aquarium (to play Shark tag?) followed by a movie in 4D, as well as a Harbor Tour around Charleston’s harbor. All meals were paid for.


A great weekend falling on her lap from completely out of the blue!

But wait! It gets better……

It wasn’t until a few days later that I found out the ‘ship’ Dylan and the Girl Scouts were going to spend the weekend camping on was an AIRCRAFT CARRIER!

the USS Yorktown, Dylan's B&B this weekend.

the USS Yorktown, Dylan’s B&B this weekend.

Can you imagine?

They were staying aboard the USS Yorktown. And, after all the boat tours were finished on this retired giant by the paying tourists they had the place to themselves. This included running amuck all over the flight deck in the evenings and bunk beds 3 and 4 bunks high.

So we lost track of our little ‘Charmed’ one until Saturday afternoon (and some 300 pictures later on the spare phone) when we could accompany her and the small band of Girl Scouts on the Charleston Harbor Tour in the itinerary.

I enjoyed this tour a lot as it gave you views of Chucktown that we rarely get a chance to see unless we are playing tourist. I loved the views as well as the history of some of the forts. I am not sure if the girls got as much out of it as they just chased each other around the boat, whenever they were not looking for dolphins.

Remember this pic from the Charleston Postcard last week?

Castle Pinkney (left foreground housed Union prisoners) and Fort Sumter (right on the horizon guarded the harbor by the Union) , start of America's Civil War

Castle Pinkney (left foreground housed Union prisoners) and Fort Sumter (right on the horizon guarded the harbor by the Union) , start of America’s Civil War

You can barely make out the two forts I mentioned. Here is a better view of the first fort, Castle Pinkney, built circa 1790. This forgotten fort was once the look out and protection in Charleston’s harbor.

the Castle Pinkney, built circa 1790.

the Castle Pinkney, built circa 1790.

 Remember this scene from Pirates of the Caribbean?

a Pirates

 Well the Castle Pinkney was once the end to 40 or so pirates’ lives by hanging back in the day. Hung out on an island before entering Charleston as a warning to other pirates ye say?

Our tour boat then chugged us out to Fort Sumter, the Federal fort to protect Charleston in the 1800’s.

the new and improved Fort Sumter

the new and improved Fort Sumter

I heard lots of good facts about this fort, too many to bore you with list here. The fort has been reconstructed though after its bombardment in the Civil War. One little known fact however was that one of the commanders of Fort Sumter was a Col. Abner Doubleday, who later went on to create our national pastime, Baseball. And a view from the air shows you that Fort Sumter is in the octagon shape of Home Plate in baseball. Hmmmm…

We got to see Charleston from the sea then as well. Remember these houses from Postcard? Yes, that was / is the skyline that greeted travelers approaching Charleston from the sea.


…as well as our proud Cooper River Bridge today….

The new Arthur Ravenel Bridge, formerly known as the Cooper River Bridge. Get over it!

The new Arthur Ravenel Bridge, formerly known as the Cooper River Bridge. Get over it!

 Another interesting sight on our tour was this:

new Beamers off the boat

new Beamers off the boat

Charleston is third largest port on the US’s east coast; the entering port for lots of international trade. This is a parking lot full of brand new BMW’s. If you scanned the parking lot, they seem to go on indefinitely….

..and more new cars

..and more new cars

While on the water we saw other types of fun, relaxing traffic illustrating how others spend their weekends. Besides the speed boat traffic in and out of the harbor and up the bordering rivers we saw…

Sailboat traffic

Sailboat traffic…Nice!

As well as…

Sea Kayak traffic

Sea Kayak traffic

And even several pods of dolphins on a sightseeing harbor tour.

Dolphin traffic

Dolphin traffic ~ Skylar thought they were Sharks

It was a great way to get a glimpse and some colors of ‘the Lowcountry’, and an entirely enjoyable afternoon.

some of the colors of the Lowcountry

some of the colors of the Lowcountry

At the end of the tour Dylan made her way back to her aircraft carrier, while the rest of my family sought out some grub. Just coming off the water we were in the mood for some sea food. Opting for this rustic and scenic seafood restaurant, advertised by this beauty…

A cute little model to 'lore' you in

A cute little model to ‘lore’ you in

Shem Creek is a stream that flows out into the harbor and the sea. It is the home, or destination for many of the local fishing and shrimp fleets in the area. The ‘advertised’ views are nice and we had a great seafood dinner while the sun slowly set.

The sun going down on Shem Creek

The sun going down on Shem Creek

It looks almost 'frame-able' doesn't it?

It looks almost ‘frame-able’ doesn’t it?

Dylan had her aquarium trip on Sunday, complete with an educational show on Sharks. I hear it was OK.

Hoping on a Shark

Hopping on a Shark

We gathered her up, fed her, bathed her, and sent her off to nap (do you think the girls got much sleep on a rolling, empty air craft carrier without their parents?)

All in all, this ‘Charmed’ girl has had quite a summer including Disney World to radio stations and stairclimbing to aircraft carriers. It’s going to be hard to beat!

And let’s not forget about our youngest child following in Dylan’s wake.

Exploring some new things too

Exploring some new things too

She is making a splash herself this summer.

My summer? I can’t seem to get my modeling career off the ground.

Don't ask....

Don’t ask….

Have a great week everyone! I’ll try to do better next time!

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16 thoughts on “Just another weekend in the life of a Charmed one….

  1. Thanks Karen. I think she will too…she took over 300 pics of it on a spare phone to remember it by. And part of this was she didn’t know anyone as all the other girl scouts were from out of town. So it allowed her to exercise some social skills too. Thanks for dropping by Karen. I hope you and your crew are doing well!

  2. I have never done anything like that either. I am sure she can’t grasp the significance of it; just one big playground to her. Speaking of its significance, my wife says her father was stationed on this aircraft carrier. …Thaks for dropping by Luanne! I always love hearing from you!

  3. Awesome! So great when kids get to have experiences like that. Surely, she’ll remember that one!!

  4. Ok! I always though the U.S skipped Brownies and just had Scouts. My bad! Blame Beverly Hills Troop for that! I don’t think the UK has Daisy’s just Brownies as entry level. But I haven’t lived there for 10 years and just have nephews so I’m sure much has changed!

  5. What fun to explore an aircraft carrier! Really? Wow, I never did anything like that as a kid (or since!).

  6. Thanks so much! It’s on the top of our list. I’ll definitely let you know. I’m doing great thanks!

  7. Yes, I see Tracie does. And it sits on a pricey piece of real estate on Philip Street in downtown Charleston. She must be good! Our summer is hitting the crescendo as talk of school is simmering, with its, and my youngest girl’s starting in 3 weeks. Yikes! I still have a box of donuts with your and Mr. Ken’s name on it, if you and that well running car can make it down here 🙂 Thanks for dropping by Nancy! Have a great week!

  8. Our summer has been a blast this year as we just cruise in lil Dylan’s wake. A lot of the fun is summarized in the last few posts. There is one more fun summertime post to do as the swimming pool is finally coming online. Come join us Maria! I know you are enjoying a good summer as well. Thanks for dropping by and adding to the fun! I always love hearing from you…

  9. Oh Natalie, bite your tongue.. 🙂 There was actually a Boy Scouts troop ‘camping out’ on the ship those nights as well. Our Girl Scout levels go, Daisy, Brownie, Girl Scouts…i.e. Dylan just graduated to Brownies this May. The ship actually markets to the Scouting groups I saw when I clicked on their overnight parties link. Can you imagine having a ship that big all to yourself and your friends as your private playground, then sleepovers in the 3 and 4 stacked bunk beds? It had to be too cool for a 7 year old. She said she never did get to sleep till midnight; normally its 9 on a weekend. Thanks for stopping by Natalie. Have a great week!

  10. Mari, it really was better than expected. The girls were a little tired but nothing like some sightseeing and some good dining to help you forget all that. Thanks for dropping by Mari! Have the best week…

  11. Hey Susie! Yes it was a fun, impromptu afternoon and weekend. Its funny, all this stuff is at our doorsteps and it takes a chance gift, or friends from out of town (hint, hint) to get us downtown and enjoy these things. By all means come and visit one day.. let me be your host….its what I do. Here is a great place to start http://www.charlestoncvb.com/ Hmmmm.. the Wild Ride and Charleston meeting? The town may never be the same! ~ Thanks for dropping by Susie! I hope you are doing great.

  12. Hey Andy,

    Sounds like Dylan had a blast! I am familiar with the Yorktown ship since Tracie Long, my fitness hero, recorded a few workout DVDs on the Yorktown. I think she still has a fitness studio in Charleston, Long Fitness Studios.

    I hope the rest of your summer goes well.


  13. Came by to check on your summer shenanigans and I’m glad I did!! What fun and what awesome pics! So cool about the carrier, lucky girl!

  14. Brownies, Girl Guides (UK equivalent to Girl Scouts, but now there’s a Girl Scouts like the Boy Scouts and Scouts. My head’s spinning) I don’t think does anything like this! Dylan’s a lucky girl and I guess what stays on board stays on board. So much fun to be had!

  15. What a fun weekend for everyone it looks like!

  16. Ha! Love the last photo. Looks like a great adventure! I would love to go to Charleston someday.

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