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Please don’t kiss the lizard

This past weekend was our annual trip to the zoo so our girls can wish there cousin a Happy Birthday.

I, I mean, they always look forward to this trip every year. It is always fun and a great learning experience!

For instance do you know what Monkey’s are endangered?

Who you calling a Monkey?

Who you calling a Monkey?

Oh wait! That’s a Baboon! Sorry! How about these loud guys?

No, these guys are actually Siamangs, or part of the ape family. They get upset if you call them a monkey too.

Geez! You guys, you don’t have to get so upset!

How about these? Here are some real monkeys!

Look at these cat's Monkeying around!

Look at these cat’s Monkeying around!

We saw all the customary critters at the zoo like:

Customary Flamingo pic

Customary Flamingo pic

and also the fast paced…

Galápagos tortoise striking a pose..

Galápagos tortoise striking a pose..

They also have a new exhibit at the zoo, this 3-story ropes course


Dylan didn’t like the height so much this time…


Climbing the ropes did make EVERYONE hungry! Everyone!

Yes it was feeding time all over the zoo.

See these colorful little guys:

Casio zoo pics 080

We got to feed them….

Feeding the birds

Feeding the birds

The Meerkats sure looked hungry!

This is my Sad-face-will-you-please-drop-me-some-food face

This is my Sad-face-will-you-please-drop-me-some-food face

But the meerkats still didn’t have the BIG appetite of this fella…

Hey, got a snack for me?

Hey, got a snack for me?

Take a look:

We were TONGUE’D!

We even got to see the Koloa’s wake up from their nap for some yummy eucalyptus branches…

Feeding the Koloa's

Feeding the Koloa’s

Yes, he looks better now…

There's my Happy Face!

There’s my Happy Face!

Speaking of Happy, how about some Happy Feet?

A scene from Happy Feet in more ways then one...

A scene from Happy Feet in more ways than one…

But, hey, we are at the zoo! Lets go find some more WILD Animals….


No, Wild like the wild cats!

Hey! I'm Hungry...

Hey! I’m Hungry…

and her Majesty….

Hey, I'm Chillin'

Hey, I’m Chillin’

and this Fish Cat (yea, that’s actually its name)

a Fish Cat doing what cats do best

Hey, don’t bother me…

How about another photo op of the roaming birthday party:

What is that I smell Dylan?

What is that I smell Dylan?

She said I smelled the elephants. That the elephants are really stinky!

Uh-oh….what did you do?

No, look out behind you! Looks like you got their attention!

No, look out behind you! Looks like you got their attention!

"Hey! That wasn't funny!" "I will remember that!"

“Hey! That wasn’t funny!” “I will remember that!”

…and where did Skylar go?


..playing with an animal more her size. She is so friendly…..

No, don't kiss the Blue-Tongued Skink!

No, don’t kiss the Blue-Tongued Skink!

Maybe toooo friendly!  🙂

Skylar, Please don’t kiss the lizard!

Thanks for coming along to the birthday party with us!

Stay tuned to see what these wild ones get into next!



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15 thoughts on “Please don’t kiss the lizard

  1. Hi Andy,

    Looks like a fun time was had by all! Thanks for sharing the pictures.


  2. Maybe next time she’s fearless! I last when zip/rope climbing as few years at the National Whitewater Centre in North Carolina. That was so much fun! I think I went around twice!

    Giraffes do have beautiful eyelashes. Not the slightest bit jealous.

  3. Have you ever seen how big and wonderful giraffe’s eyes are? That is my biggest draw to this zoo, feeding the giraffes, in that you can get up close with these giant animals. I actually rotated cameras this trip between my phone’s and our rarely used Casio. So some pics may be better than others. Yes, you guessed it, this year I really enjoyed the ropes course the most. Oddly, my little daredevil Dylan was scared up on the ropes. But after last year’s first attempt I convinced myself I was completely safe bundled in that strap apparatus. So I went more for some thrills this year. I was thinking you would really enjoy this trip too; to the zoo. Thanks for looking in Natalie! Have a great week…

  4. Wow! Great time at the zoo! The koala and giraffe pics are fantastic! I have ask however, how had more fun on the rope course? You or your girls?!

  5. Making more happy childhood memories! And I’m glad they’re happy parenting memories too! 🙂

  6. They had a blast! And they didn’t fight or argue all day. Mom said on the way home that it was a Great Day! We’ve been doing this same trip now for about 4 years and the kids (and I) look forward to it every year. Glad you stopped by PIF! Have a great week!

  7. Looks like they had a lot of fun!

  8. Not if but when… :p

  9. I watched in nervous anticipation as she slowly inched forward.

  10. If I ever grow evil horns, I will say its like a giraffe, kind and nice 😛

  11. Hahaha, that must have been a little confusing . . . or scary!

  12. We really have to keep our eye on that girl! She was actually comparing tongues with the blue tongued lizard. The funny thing, her sister also had a blue Ring Pop, giving her a blue tongue too at the time. But she was afraid what showing her blue tongue would do to the lizard. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by Luanne! I hope you are doing great!

  13. Lol….You rat! Yes, I guess you can see how grey I am getting all over in that pic. 🙂 And that giraffe kinda reminded me of you and its big brown eyes….just need to put some round glasses on it, Ms AuAu. 🙂 As always, thanks for dropping by and lending your input. You always make me smile.

  14. Looking good there at the first picture by the wall, you forgot your ourlifein3d.com tshirt, and, you shouldnt post yourself naked…

    The turtle is funny, so big body and small head.

    Kind of give you nightmares, the giraffe licking your face when youre sleeping.

    Nice zoo trip 🙂

  15. So cute–the animals and the kids both!!! Skylar, NOOOOOOOO!

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