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Our new Stars

I wanted to give everyone a quick update.

I know a few of you have been wondering about trick or treat costumes. But it wasn’t until I received this little gem from the archives of Grandma WaWa that I realized what great memories are made with these things.

Remember this one? I think that was our oldest’s very first Halloween.



Grandma WaWa thinks this one’s adorable. She ain’t lion’!

Here are this year’s outfits. We are posing with our neighbors first.

Their youngest may have been the cutest this year in her Dory outfit.

Can you find Dory?

Can you find Dory?

Here is another with one of Dylan’s friends we ran into.


And I really enjoy trick our treating in our new neighborhood. These folks get more excited for Halloween in their front yards than we do for Christmas.


We never had any houses decked out like this when I was a kid! I never thought of ‘Lights’ for Halloween before we moved here.


Speaking of our neighborhood, we are getting a new one….

Right behind my house! Last week they started clearing out trees for the 100 houses being built, starting right behind us.

Remember this scene from last week’s storm?


This is will be the new and evolving backdrop now.


Its sad.

Just getting started. Pulling the trees out of the ground like twigs...

Just getting started. Pulling the trees out of the ground like twigs…

Other things going on…

The school held their monthly PTA rally by dragging inviting the 3rd graders in for a presentation. We captured this little gem below.

For years I have mentioned Dylan’s ‘happy-go-lucky’ demeanor.Here is a good example captured in this video as they sing Rockin’ Robin. (sorry again for inflicting ‘kid videos’ on all you non-family readers)

That’s her! She has always been that way. She helps her sister, cleans her sister’s room, picks up trash while trick or treating and more. A great kid!

Thank you God!

Speaking of pimping out my blog, it is Fundraiser time at their school.

It is the annual Fun Run this time where the youngsters are asked to get $1 pledges for how many laps they can do around the school’s track.

The organization made a crafty way to get you involved and help separate you from your money with some cute videos, Starring our little Angels.

These videos are adorable, if not identical. And so if you can stomach one or two more kid videos check these fun ones out below.

Then, if you feel led, or inspired, or sorry enough for one of our young ones please donate to them to help their school. The school gets some good cash (help keeping our taxes down) and our girls get prizes for when they hit their target of $10 per lap.

So here is Skylar’s Dashboard and ‘Star Video; the Greatest Star in Hollywood:


And here is the link to the reigning fundraising champ at our house, Dylan and her ‘Star Video; the Greatest Star in the World‘.


“I am definitely their biggest fan!”

Thanks gang for stopping by!

Have a GREAT fall weekend.

I’ll try to do better next time knuckleheads

Magnificent Malificient says have a Kit Kat or a Reese's

Magnificent Maleficent says have a Kit Kat or a Reese’s


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11 thoughts on “Our new Stars

  1. I can understand! Its awful! Thank you for sharing the video, going right over!☺

  2. All those missing trees are sad. And to make it worse now there is no ground cover so everything is getting coated with plain old dirt every time a car or wind blows by. Here is a look at what it used to look like just two months ago… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URJe-Cg0qpo. Thanks for dropping by!

  3. I myself feel so sad seeing all those tall green trees cut down like that. It was such a beautiful view before!! The dirt is a real pain.

  4. Thank you Mithai. Just it was so nice before they took out the trees. Now I have a lot of dirt blowing around. 😦 Thanks for dropping by and saying Hello!

  5. Both Dory and Nemo looks cute!!☺ Sad that the trees are being cut for a new neighborhood, it looked lovely before!!

  6. Well it doesn’t appear you were stumped at all. That is a half finished adult beverage there. We had happy hour for all the parents trick or treating. Any parent brave enough to walk up to our door with the kids got a cold one. Halloween doesn’t’ just have to be for kids you know. And thanks for bringing that to all the readers attention. I imagine I will get more trick or treaters next year…Thanks for dropping by SSM. Have a great weekend!

  7. Her feet got all bloody from all the door to door trick or treating. This girl would ot stop! so she come home, slips her shoes off and the ants just dug in! She was eating candy. She never felt a thing. ~ yes, a bit of a bug invasion from losing the woods behind us. the biggest invader? Mosquitoes! Ahhhh. I hate mosquitoes! I hope you are doing great and bug free Ms. Aurora! I love hearing your take on things! have a great weekend.

  8. Cute costumes and great neighborhood decos! The one that stumped me was what appears to be an adult beverage deposited at the doorstep to the left of the darling Magnificent Maleficent…is it supposed to be a trick or a treat?

  9. Both costumes seem good, but what were you doing when she ate her feet?

    Are you having a bug invasion? they need a new home.

  10. Thanks Amy. It was a fun night. We walked our feet to the bones! Thanks for dropping. Have a great weekend!

  11. What a Happy Halloween!

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