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Its the Happiest time of the year…

…or is it the Most Wonderful Time Of The Year?

(que the music…it goes in with the rest of this early Christmas post)

It is certainly  one of the busiest times of the year!


Howabout with you?

Well with about a week gone by since our field trip so much has happened.

Good Stuff!

The following Friday night my lil’ Dylan sang in our town Christmas tree lighting ceremony; the day before the town Christmas parade. The chorus directors had her right up front and I swear we could hear her singing. She really looked like she was singing her heart out. She loves to sing.


After the Christmas show they played The Santa Clause in the outdoor amphitheater. But I gotta tell you, it was too cold for us beachcombers to stay.

Did somebody say parade?

Its the Christmas Jailbird float

It’s the Christmas Jailbird float. Don’t let their white outfits fool you.

Yes, the next morning we suited up for the town Christmas parade. Our church prepared a make-shift float so that we parents could get our kids to toss some of their Halloween candy away. (wink)

The kids didn’t realize the idea and they were all in. Still, with not too much prior experience in tossing candy from a float in a parade, they might have been TOO into it!

STOP Throwing all the candy!

STOP Throwing all the candy!

Daddy was getting hit in the back by the handfuls and handfuls or candy being thrown. They forgot our instructions on how to TOSS the candy.

About half way through the parade we were all out of candy. Soooo our industrious little kids started picking up left over candy laying in the street from the floats ahead of us, gave it to the other kids on the float and they tossed it again.



I walked the parade to help keep the kids inside.

I may rethink that idea next year!

Or at least stretch first. It seemed to be up hill most of the way.

Saturday night was a little treat for Dad as his fav college team won their conference Championship ( they were picked to come in 4th out of 6 teams)

We actually were down by 21 points at one point in the championship game. But then the bombs started playing (in a good way) and we ended up winning by 7.

It was an incredible night!

A Wonderful night!

Sunday, Christmas tree lighting at our house. I know everyone has their own little rituals or routines that they go through in decking their tree. Here is a bit of what ours looks like:

Let the Decking begin...

Let the Decking begin…

Elf-in Magic!

Elf-in Magic!


This years Dickens Classic

This year’s Dickens Classic village



Then, yesterday, we drove about 3 hours to Greenville, SC so our girls could spend time with their favorite cousin and go watch..

A Charlie Brown Christmas...

at the local kid’s theater.

It was a great time. The play closely followed the cartoon Christmas special and the child actors were superb! Charlie Brown sounded like Charlie Brown. Lucy sounded like Lucy.

And of course we all know the star of the show…


The girls got to meet all their favorite stars…


Downtown Greenville was a really neat place that I had not experienced in quite a few years.

Not New York but South Carolina

Not New York but South Carolina

There seemed to be Christmas street musicians strategically located on almost every block on Main Street in the afternoon. Later that night we got to pick a great restaurant to eat in from a fine menu of restaurants downtown.

Do you think this ‘foodie’ enjoyed the day?


So what do you think?

Is it the most wonderful time of the year?

And a great time to be a kid? (in all of us!)

Add to this wonderful week, we have gotten a lot of Christmas presents delivered to our front door this week.

We have been doing the bulk of our Christmas shopping online you see.

And both mom and I got promotions at work this past week! While I had to apply for mine she was actually hand-picked for hers (show-off). But THAT helped make this Christmas week a little more wonderful too.

That wonderful news, coupled with I get an extra week of vacation this year, had us adding this Dream to our Christmas list this year…

the Disney Dream ship

the Disney Dream ship


..er, Magical!

..So what do you think?

Is this the most wonderful time of year?

I hope all my friends are enjoying this wonderful time of year too with similar weeks; no matter where you live.

YOU deserve it!

Time to conspire by the fire……..

What’s on YOUR Christmas list this year?

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20 thoughts on “Its the Happiest time of the year…

  1. Haha! It’s quite an improbable senario, given the long distance between us. Enjoy your day!

  2. Hmmm. That is too bad. We also need a nanny for three days after Christmas. So you would have about twelve days to get here. …If we could afford you for three days.

  3. This is a missed opportunity. Too bad I’m far-off! 🙂

  4. You could see these lovely angels in person! We are looking for a babysitter this weekend? 🙂

  5. I can’t wait to catch up with your lovely angels. Have a fantastic week! 🙂

  6. Ha! Thanks. July 1.

  7. Congratulations Betsy!! When are you due? ~ that’s a quadruple Liked comment

  8. I guess you did. It was subtle in my last post. Most people missed it.

  9. Are you making room for another small body in your ‘family van’? did I miss something?

  10. I can only imagine. Soon we need to upgrade to a van to make space for another small body. That will just make the mess larger too. 🙂

  11. It was a lot of fun. Busy but fun. And not the least fun for the kid in me. I hope the kid in you is a live and doing great Betsy. Thanks for dropping by! ~ does the back seat of your car look like a messy kid’s bedroom after you return from a long trip in the car? Geez!

  12. Sounds like a lot of fun for kids and parents, but still mostly the kids. 🙂

  13. I have your Hug in the Hug que. Give your girls one from me too. I dont guess we will see them any time soon. I hope you and your girls are all doing well. Merry Christmas Penn Stater!

  14. Yes they had plenty of good candy left over. Too Much! There was one float with a bubble machine. The float in front of us had ladies throwing Mardi Gras beads. Hmmmm? Was that you tossing those beads? I hope you are doing great Ms. Aurora! Thanks for dropping by!

  15. Hi Mari, Yes it was a great week. I dont know if it slows down too much this week or not. But its all fun. I hope your year is blessed too Mari! Thanks for dropping by and saying Hello!

  16. Thanks Ms. Urvashi! I credit the promotion to my interview skills I researched. They came in handy. Yes we are getting in the Christmas spirit here. I think you may see more of these smiling faces in the next week or two from this festive time of year. Thanks for stopping by Ariel! Have a great week!

  17. Hey Andy! The pictures are gorgeous. Everyone looks nice and full of christmas spirits. My biggest congratulations to you and to your wife for the promotions. I’m sure you guys deserve the accolade.

    Wish all of you a merry christmas. Have fun! XOXO

  18. You certainly have had a fantastic week! I’m so happy for you and your family!! Happy happy happy happy 😀 I’m singing that <– May the rest of your year and next continue to be so blessed ❤

  19. Now is much better that the summer to get a vacation.
    Maybe they can throw bubbles next year, just check the soap doesnt make a mess.
    If they havent eat them by now, those probably werent good candy anyway.

  20. Sounds like a busy, but wonderful & happy time of year……………………………Give the girls a big holiday hug for me!

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