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Game time! ~ 5 Grandmas for Christmas

I woke up normal this morning. Same time. Normal time, thinking about my gym time.

Then it hit me

This is it!

Game time!

We spend so much time planning, and decorating and preparing our hearts each December and I realized this morning….THIS IS IT!


Well, one of them.

Time to make some memories for our young (and old)

LOL so I changed my focus for the day, put on my Santa hat and opened my mind to ‘experiencing’ this year’s Christmas holiday.

Yep, we are all ready!

“…in hopes that St. Nicolas soon would be here.”

My elf is ready!

Elf Lana pretending she's a snowman

Elf Lana pretending she’s a snowman

Even our greyhound got in the spirit of things this morning!

Blitzen came by for an early Christmas visit

Blitzen came by for an early Christmas visit

And, if your house looks like ours this Christmas, you have a lot of this…

and visions of sugar and homemade Baklava and chocolate covered popcorn danced in their heads.”

And, for me, nothing spells ‘celebration’ like..

yes, Christmas is a time of celebration

yes, Christmas is a time of celebration

If you have been following this blog for a while you know each Christmas starts early for our girls.

That’s right. The week before Christmas boxes and boxes and cards and gifts come in from our girl’s many special Grandmothers, each with their own very special version of ‘Love’ for their adopted granddaughters.


The more love the better!

Yes, our girls are blessed with about 5 very special sets of grandparents. And the love and generosity they show these girls is touching.

This year that received everything from sweets, high-tech gadgets, clothes, money, toys, gift cards and even a Movie Night or two in the mail.


So we wanted to send each of our adopted family a Christmas card and a glimpse of some of the smiles and kid quotes that happened when opening these great gifts. And one very special version of ‘the spirit of Christmas’.

Thank YOU so very much ladies!

We love you all so much!

And as you can see everything was a big hit with the girls.

OK, I have dilly-dallied long enough. Its 11am and I am being called out to the living room. It seems Grandma #5 is taking her turn at spoiling spreading some Christmas cheer for our girls.

Game time...

Game time…

I hope your holiday is filled with lots and lots of happy smiles.

Time to be a kid again.

And remember the reason for the season.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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13 thoughts on “Game time! ~ 5 Grandmas for Christmas

  1. Thank Ms. Diva! And thank you for dropping by my blog. If you haven’t noticed I celebrate with donuts. Have a great week!

  2. Donuts yyummmm
    Hope you had great holidays

  3. Thanks Mari! Happy New Year to you. Thanks for being part of the family (WP).

  4. How blessed đŸ™‚ These girls are well loved! It is so good to see, thanks for sharing.

  5. Awe! There are many greyhounds and a similar breed, galgos, which is more for hunting in shelters here. They have it bad in Spain when they retire and the lucky ones end up in shelters. I remember walking some when I used to volunteer at a shelter. Very strong, some timid, some big personalities and if they liked you, you’re honoured!
    The cats got a present too. 1oz of Kong catnip. The good stuff. They cleared out the old stuff Christmas Eve. D stuck his head in the tub and poof, everywhere!
    Hope you had a great Christmas!

  6. Wish you were here too John….Then I would have another male to hang with. I hope your day was fun too! The girls send their love!

  7. Wasn’t that fun? Yes I did a bit of amateur editing on that video to get it to turn out like that. We wish you a Merry Christmas!

  8. Love the end of the video!!!!

  9. Great picstures and video Andy! I wish i was there! : ) Merry Christmas!!!

  10. Yes, we have and had retired racing greyhounds. They are magnificent dogs and often consider themselves royalty the way others want to come up and let them. They are model pets for fitness people, strong, sleek and fast (truly a wonder to watch when they go all out) and yet a couch potato. He got a stocking to day too and may have been the happiest kid in the house. I hope you had a happy day Natalie! Thanks for dropping by our place….

  11. Happy Christmas! I hope your girls have an amazing day! And I didn’t know you guys had a dog! She/he looks gorgeous!

  12. We have some traditions, some passed down from my youth. Some starting now. I have the train, a few ornaments and stockings from my youth plus more recent treasures on our ‘breakeable tree’. So much so I gave each of the girls their own tiny tree for their room where they can put their new ornaments on….Traditions we have created and creating. Have a wonderful Christmas Amy! Thanks for stopping by…

  13. The traditions are so important. I love that you guys have so many special ones too. Our December days are filled with the traditions we have created. Merry Christmas!!

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