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Snow Globe

So let me shake this blog up a bit.

How about some Christmas cheer for friends and family?

Whats that you say?

Its Valentines day?

Yes, if you have followed this blog you know you can expect a laundry list of Christmas pics after Christmas.


This year, not so much. I was sick for about 2 weeks at the end of December. I wasn’t myself. This blogger spent half of Christmas break in bed. Not much fun AND not many Christmas pics of the kids for family and friends to share.

In fact just two…


and this…

Santa Sucks!

Skye actually said that!

She was asking for a Hoverboard. She saw one all wrapped up in the sack Santa left for Dylan but she did not see one in the sack Santa left for her.

When she saw D open her Hoverboard she cried,

“Santa Sucks!”


Her demeanor quickly turned around when she dug a little deeper into her Santa sack.

No This After, or During…

Yes, it’s another Christmas Story

And that was it!

That was our Christmas.

Oh we did get a chance to watch the latest presentation of Dicken’s Christmas Carol at our historic (are you tired of that word yet?) Dock Street Theater .

(Courtousy of A Christmas Carol from Charleston Stage on Vimeo)

This year the opportunity came via a 4th grade field trip.

Do you think a 4th grader can spell Shaperone?

We also made the ice cream. Drank the egg nog, the warm spiced wine (not together), and Chambord over ice cream. Set up the train. Watched the Christmas Story. Visited the Christmas lights. And adopted that darn elf again.

What’s her name, Lana?

She likes Cookies!

And one night she evidently helped herself to the dog biscuits, thinking they were Christmas cookies too and left us a nasty note, saying they were the worst Christmas cookies ever!

She also helped herself to the left over spiced wine one night that we left out on the stove.

And then helped herself to an extra toilet paper roll in the closest Necessary Room and just had too good of a time!

Le sigh!

But then there was the Happy New Year!

Sort of…

Especially if your kids never saw snow or threw a snowball before..

It’s not supposed to snow like this where we live!

And it snowed and it snowed and it snowed.

The next day we woke up to a bright and sunny snowy day.

The next morning. Guess whose house has kids?

Did I mention ‘bright’?

And cold!

We had 4 days in a row with lows at 18 degrees.


That doesn’t happen here!

So much for global warming.

I started worrying about my own little ill-equipped backyard escape with the cold temperatures and 6 inches of snow.

Good bye paradise!

Our little summertime gazebo started to lean under the weight of the snow.

And I had to be creative to keep that upright and the pool water from freezing in the pipes.

Still, others had it lots worse than we did….

South Carolina drivers DO NOT know how to drive in the snow!

Like the owner of this brand new, freshly waxed shiny Camaro.

Maybe its not a good time to go for a ride?

Most local drivers were ridiculously slow, er, careful.

I enjoyed the snow packed streets as I grew up in the snow.

Still others……ahhh…

It was funny, all the cars  that were stuck in a ditch or crashed into a tree or sign, (we even had a car end up in a pond close by) were pick-ups or other testosterone fueled crafts; like the fellow above.

Another example, the road in front of me that allows me to get to work, was closed for 3 days as two First Responders were hit when a fast approaching fire truck hit a patch of ice on a bridge and slid into them.


It sounds like something out of Florida or a Griswald Christmas but it happened right here in our zip code.

Sometimes a good driver knows when NOT to go for a ride .

And keep all that excitement warm and inside!


So that was our Christmas Break

As you read it through the glass.

This time no flashy posts

Or Christmas blogs from the past.

It was sickness, and snow

and cursing Santa this year.

No snow globe with good health

or carols I fear.

No Ding Dong Merrily On High inside my snow globe

It was a snow globe of sleeping and bills,

…and an elf on a tear!

The roads were bad.

The driving was worse.

Ill-tempers were flaring.

Somebody call me a hearse.


Despite the testy Ba-Humbug being heard…

We had family and some memories to hold dear.

And as with Christmas and globes you know what’s the word.

Traditional Snow Globes aren’t for looking…

They’re better shaken!

(not stirred)


OK…. just one old Christmas video

Just to get it out of my system.

Don’t hate!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Ahhhh, I mean Happy Valentines !


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11 thoughts on “Snow Globe

  1. So sorry about the palm trees. That’s a bummer. :/

  2. That elf was on a roll that night! She acted a little crazy another night or two too. That snow killed all my new palm trees I put in last summer too. 😦 I hope you are doing well Betsy! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Crazy about that snow! I think the elf hurled after that roll in the t.p.

  4. Keep digging into your bag from Santa. He does his best.

  5. Santa Sucks!!!

  6. What is a parent to do when their kid says Santa sucks? My heart sank. She later said she was glad Santa didn’t bring her one after she saw the difficulty D was having in learning to ride it. Yes When I grew up in PA I always enjoyed the first snow, but then that was it. No more. Our holidays were nice when it was over and I felt bad for what a scrooge I was from feeling ill. Merry Valentines Day Jessica!

  7. That was a bitchin camero! If that were mine it would have been tucked away in the garage, safe and sound. Cause you cant trust the other guy in the snow either. Merry Valentie’s Day back at you Sandra. Have the best weekend!

  8. Santa sucks! I’m still laughing! Too bad for that bitchin camero, as the dead milkmen would say. Glad you’re feeling better! Merry Valentine’s day to u

  9. Lol, sorry to hear you were sick over Christmas, but this post was fantastic! I’m also glad Skye realized that Santa doesn’t suck!! We got really cold weather and snow here in Knoxville in January. People don’t know how to drive in it here, either. It’s pretty, but I don’t like it when it’s *that* cold! Your pictures are beautiful, though! I hope you had a great holiday season, and yes, a nice Valentine’s, too! 😀

  10. Thank you Ms. Laura! I had some fun trying to put it together. Sorry it’s so late! 🙂

  11. Laura Hayes on said:

    I loved this bl


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