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The Sky is falling…

Before I have to tell you how the ‘Sky is falling’ I do have some proud, upbeat news.

Let’s whisk you away to the awards ceremony at Dylan’s school today….

award assembly..where Dylan eagerly awaited her first award at the Elementary school assembly. It was a half day for the kids today and part of it was spent on the phone stuff…..


…like having your name called out over the loudspeaker to come up and get your award!

She actually was really excited, in contrast the pic above. When I got home from work I asked her how she felt about getting the award. ‘Was it really fun being called to pick it up in front of your school’ I asked?

Dylan thought for a second, remembering how it felt than enthusiastically started nodding her head and smiling from ear to ear.

Nice work Dylan!

So nice feelings all around. Our greyhound, Chumley, was feeling quite friendly this week too as we got home from work….

He was quite excited as he saw an unexpected gift arrive at the house one day.


The girls got a surprise gift in the mail from some grand parents just in time for Halloween. There were cards and candy and outfits, and cool / hip bracelets that kids wear now that Dad didn’t know existed, and so on. Dylan has become the official card reader for the two sisters as Skylar confesses up front, “I can’t read” ……

ย Dylan reading her Halloween card while Chumley starts to dig himself a hole!

But, similar to the way Chumley felt after he tried to dig his way through those hardwood floors,ย  all good feelings surely must come to an end and so did ours this week.

Being treated somewhat like a Princess all the time can bring a sort ofย  entitlement with it. I think all you Princesses out there know what I am talking about. And so too it can be with Dylan.

Sunday she went over to our neighbors to see if there son could play. She stood at the door and knocked. And knocked. And knocked, not thinking that maybe they may be busy inside or not home at all.

Finally after 10 minutes our neighbor’s mom answered the door. Dylan asked, “What took so long?” seemingly to take the waiting a bit personally.

The mom apologized and said, “I’m sorry Dylan but I was putting our 18 month girl down for her nap.”

Unphased, Dylan asked, “well couldn’t you have answered the door first?”

Oh yes she did!

Add to that her being forced to sit on the ‘Naughty Spot‘ about two times a day since Saturday plus a second yellow face sent home from the teacher at school for not following instructions and it appears we have a little bit of a diva on hour hands Chicken Little.

They both could end up in the dog house!

They both could end up in the dog house!

And our happy boy Chumley, feeling a little entitled himself decided to take a pooh in our guest bedroom downstairs while we were not paying attention. “Bad Boy, Bad boy. Very Bad boy…

What else could go wrong this week I thought?

I had my first follow up visit with my Oncologist, who is the doctor that orchestrated my whole procedure. This is the first time I have had contact with him, face to face since prior to the procedure.

Not knowing what to expect I took a deep breath and headed into his office.

This is something like how the doctor’s visit went. Oh, and it is not for the squeamish if you find yourself with a weak constitution (like me)….

Dr. U: How are you doing?

Me: I feel great!

Dr. U: Any problems? Any burning? Any irritations?

Me: No, I feel great!

Dr. U: Writing something in his tablet looks up and says, “great, follow me….”

And he walks me out of the office and to his private nurse and says,…..

“She will set up your next appointment. See you in 6 weeks.”

And that my friends was my 3 minutes of face time, consultation and evaluation, 6 weeks after my high tech cancer treatment. He seemed very sure of himself!

I wonder how much those few minutes cost my Obamacare?

Have a great fall weekend knuckleheads!

I will try to do better next week!

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25 thoughts on “The Sky is falling…

  1. Ms. Diva…I like that. you know, I was just having fun with this. She just had a bad coupla days as I think she was tired and getting sick, which she has been now for 2 days. She’s just being a kid, right? gotta skin the knees a few times. Skylar has learned some words now and knows how to spell her name. She will do pretty good in Kindergarten too, if she is not too stubborn. Great to hear from you WaWa! I’ll program your number in our phones tonight…so yo never know! Take care!

  2. I’m a little late in reading. Now, what are we going yo do with Miss Diva, oops I mean Dylan. You think she is testing the waters there? It’s ok, after raising three girls, I will tell you that they will fall off the pedestal sometimes but they will find their way back! She is just too precious to fall too hard! I love Skylar’s frankness. But as he will too learn to read soon!

  3. He is funny sometimes. I feel sorry for him as that rug is about the only spot he can play like that. Otherwise its like ice skates for the poor fella. We mean to get a few more carpet runners for the house. He is like lighting when he gets outside though. Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to drop by Jenn! I hope your weekend is going great…

  4. i can’t stop laughing at the video of chumley! and dogs on hardwood floors never fail to disappoint in the humor category (sorry about the poop though). hope you all had an awesome halloween!

  5. lol, I hear ya Mystery. I am a tearer too (kinda kindred it seems) my wife just peels back the tape and pulls the box out as if to use the paper again. I think she misses half the fun of receiving presents that way. Lil Skylar just tears a tiny piece off at a time…she takes all day at Christmas ( I hafta help her sometimes. How is your hip doing now? Able to lace up your running shoes yet? I may take mine out for a spin this weekend. Be happy & well SSM! As always, great to hear from you..

  6. Only seen that doc since August- he did $3k+ cortisone injection into my hip joint (been sidelined from running since July). Good guy. Would have been creepy had his wife & 2 kids not been with him, all enjoying the sunset, too. That’s my town for ya.

    Presents and envelopes were made to be ripped into. The Mystery is just too much. Sandy toes & a happy weekend to you, too, 3D…

  7. I think you are right Karen…so many choices and proper decisions. I am feeling fine and never really felt down other than a few days after the procedure. I am waiting for the green light to run again…cause the holidays are coming! I don’t know how I stumbled across your daughters blog, whether from yours, or the 4 recommendation on the side on WP Reader, but I like ‘feeling happy’ so it fit. She just looked a bit older in her pic. It wasn’t until I saw your comment and she responded ‘Mom’ that I realized who she was. She does a great job! You have done well raising your Princess! ~Thanks for dropping by Karen. enjoy your fall weekend!

  8. You are preaching to the choir sister! These two girls are the proof! And was that kinda creepy on the pier, that he had been watching you, or have you been going to him for awhile? I bet you have fun opening Christmas presents then too, huh? A real tearer (not terror). ~ Thanks for dropping by SSM! Wishing you the best weekend yet …and no more problems with your feet! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. It’s not easy being a princess. Lots of pressure ๐Ÿ™‚ So glad you’re doing better health-wise and YES you are following my daughter’s blog Imthinkinghappy ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks! You’re a good man Andy!!

  10. Skylar opens her envelopes like I do. Drives my envelope-opener-gadget-guy husband, bananas.

    Your doc should do like my orthopedic doc did a few weeks ago – happened to walk up behind me while I was in all manner of various contortions, taking sunset pics on the pier. When I turned around surprised that he’d been watching, he gave me a mini-appointment on the spot, deemed me orthopedically healthy for the time being and told me to cancel my appointment and not to reschedule until I wanted to. No copay.

    Sweet girls…great dog…loving family…nice house – God is good, yes?

  11. Hahaha! suitcase packed, keys in hand, taxi waiting to take me to the airport!

  12. Maria, I hope to find my inner Buffett this weekend! Thanks for dropping by! I have some more chocolate if you are running low. I hope your weekend is filled wit rum and dancing and all things Buffett as well! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. She really is. This same mom next door remarks how she feels like she is talking to a little adult when Dylan comes to knock on the door because she is so logical and perceptive…and a little entitled. You would be proud of her and her mom I think.Thanks for stopping by Diahan! I hope your weekend is full of lots more smiles!

  14. Reading your post today made me smile. It sounds like happy chaos and clear that you really enjoy being a dad. I love how Dylan told the neighbor home she should have answered the door sooner. She sounds like a confident, certain girl.

  15. That is quite the busy week, Andy. A lot going on at the 3D household! Awards, Divas, Poop, Funky Bracelets, Halloween, Doctors. I’m exhausted. Glad you survived it all . Now go have yourself a Jimmy Buffet type of weekend with a little rum and dancing!

  16. We have do have a spare bedroom for you Di. It can be all yours! Let me check to make sure the dog wasn’t in there first ๐Ÿ™‚ I wore shorts to work again this morning and reluctantly had to turn on the air conditioner last night, it was that stuffy..in October / November. crazy!

  17. 80? 80! You had 80?? IT WAS 80 THERE!!! It was 28 here Halloween night. I don’t know why I live in this climate! ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. It was kinda good news if I can read betweenthe lines there. I hope you had a good Halloween in your travels Luanne! If you would care for some chocolate or are out come see us! Have a great weekend….Thanks for stopping by!

  19. well thank you Di! Hot was the word as it was 80 degrees last night Trick or Treating. My boney, skeleton legs were getting bitten by gnats beneath my shorts. Theywere quite a fright!

  20. Hot! Your scary Halloween voice that is! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. Hahahaha. And thanks for ending with the best news :).

  22. The day and week were good on the whole…film at 11. My next appt with the doc will yield some more insight to the rsults of the treatment as I need to give a sample of blood (mwah-ha-ha-ha …scarey halloween voice) between now and then so they can see where my PSA’s are at. Have a Great weekend Diana! Thanks for stopping by!

  23. You always make me laugh AuAu. So you think Dylan is just where she needs to be, huh? And she is more than welcome to train the dog as long as she is the one cleaning up the pooh when he falls short. You will have to allow me a few days on the Halloween Trick or Treating so I can edit all the little videos. But let me give you a little teaser…it doesn’t get much more Halloweenie than haveing a bat follow you down the street. Thanks for dropping by Aurora! Here’s your piece of chocolate…..

  24. Good for Dylan, diplomas come and go, having people to open the door on time its more important.
    I think Mr Chum wont do it as long is Dylan the one seriously telling him not to.
    I would ask about Halloween this year but I guess is coming on the next post.

  25. Sounds like you guys had a fun Halloween holiday besides a few diva issues and a little pooh…and you may not have had a lot of face time with your doc but I think that’s a good thing filled with good news!

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