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Halloween 2018

I know, I know… Halloween was so last month.

I am sorry.

I was either out of town mentally or physically these last few weeks but I did want to try to squeeze in a Halloween post for friends and family before I get a holiday behind…ahhh….

I mean, get behind one holiday post when another  holiday comes.

I am such a procrastinator.

Anyway, here are fun, happy, sweet pictures of my two little delicate flowers…


How embarrassing.

They seem to be beating up my Halloween decorations.

At first they were both going to be Greek Goddesses. You know how I like a Greek Goddess. But after wearing her’s for 3 days in a row, Dylan decided to make her own outfit by combining a Super Girl top with a Wonder Woman bottom.

Skye, and her goddess self (she is Greek after all), stayed home this year to hand out candy with mom while lil D and I hit the pavements in search of some treats.

Again the neighborhood did not disappoint as far as the decorations.

These people really go all out!

When I was little all we put out was a jack-o-lantern with a candle inside…that never seemed to make it through the night

This house, D and I both thought the Lord of the Rings looking guy was part of the decorations. But the stolic relic moved!
And handed out some candy..


And as the sun began to set, the neighborhood began to come alive with lights and tricks and treats…


One of my fav houses actually had a sign out front “Trick Or Drinks” in which they had a picnic table set up with cold local microbrews..

It was a popular house with the adults!

So since it was at the end of our walk,

…and we were headed home soon I thought I might try a Lowcountry Lager,

prostate be damned! (cool Halloween pun)

I did not go all out decorating at our house this year.


Come on!?

Its football season! My weekends are tied up!

But I did get lots of rav-reviews for one decoration, my fountain of blood.

mawah ha-ha-ha-ha (scary laugh)

So you wanted to know what I was dressed up as?

I know what you are thinking….

This year I dressed up as a parent

…and a 3-headed monster…

mawah ha-ha-ha-ha

No really cool videos this year, but I did reminisce  about one from years gone by as our little D went door to door. And then at the end of the video the little 3 year old divides up her candy booty and organizes it.

She separates it for a special surprise celebration….her marriage.

If you can stomach family videos the end is too cute! But I have to say that.

The video actually starts out at a Halloween 5K I was in, then moves over to our local Texas Roadhouse where the manager had a fondness for our girls ( I do not mean that in a creepy way)

Trick or Treat everyone!

I hope yours was scary and sweet.

That is all for now. I will try to do a better job next month when we highlight our Thanksgiving..

Enjoy your holiday!

Trick Or Treat?

Hello gang,

Its your phantom blogger again in an attempt to resurrect a stale, cold, dying blog. After several summons to come back from the dead I thought I would treat you all to some scary updates from our realm of the world.

OK, here’s a word that will send chills down your spine,


Report cards came out last week and our ghouls got straight A’s!

No loping off of fingers or toes this nine weeks!

Dylan made the A Honor Roll. Skye was all , 4’s as well. Adding another spice to the scholastic caldron, their Mom completed her last class for her MBA this past month too! She now has a bootiful new degree to hang on the wall and, AND  is officially as smart as me now.


In a recent open house, in which the PTA did NOT ask for money, Skye had her picture of our local suspension bridge hanging in the main hallway.

She did it Van Gogh style

Yes, our little goblin draws better than moi.

Speaking of Art, the girl’s local Art teacher agreed to paint a sunset scene on Dylan’s closet doors.

Oh no!

…she has to see Dylan’s messy room!

It all started when Dylan said she wanted her room painted. Well, this dead-as-door-nails, motionless-as-a-corpse Dad of hers quickly diverted her idea to the closet getting painted due to my ailment and the bloody, ghoulish opening of my belly several times back in September.

I was having none of that at the bloody time.

Skylar even has an interesting teacher who has them growing produce in some areas of the school. Her Children of the Corn have raised, or at last planted and watered a harvest of vegetables.

Like these sweet potatoes below.

Which brings us to the nightmarishly spooky part of the year…

Fall Festivals.

We have been to a few so far this year but apparently we have chosen the lame, er, ahhh…cheap Fall Festivals so far.

Riding Sharks…

Trying to lasso giant bubbles…

a band with a grandmother shaking maracas…

Nothing really to stand up (or play dead) to write home about

(but apparently some sorry blog fodder)


That is it.

Take a deep breath.


Did this inhuman Tick or Treat blog bore you

or relax you?

Have you been sufficiently lulled to peace and a deep sense of rest and relaxation?

Are you now open to suggestions?


Now you will look at D’s and S’s fund-raising videos from school where you are asked to pledge a dollar for how many laps they run. Vote on your favorite one, and then make a donation to that favorite video.



Click on the videos then cast your vote for the most dreadful one…

Scary Skylar:

Devilish Dylan:

I know, its hard to pick which one is better than the other!

It’s a fundraiser for their school. It brings in needed supplies.

Just pledging a mousey $1 is GREAT!

The more pledges our girls get the cooler the prizes they earn along with a class full of notoriety and self-esteem…

I know…


Before you go….for those that are still reading. I would ask that you say a prayer.

You see…. this guy below… his team is playing the devious, merciless, scoundrels of Ohio State on Saturday. What ever team wins will most likely be crowned BEST EVER College football team and also the Big Ten Champs.

Poor Saquon. Millions of people are calling him the best player in college football this year (see the video) but if his team loses on Saturday it all means nothing. (le sigh)

So please pray for Saquoun (he’s such a humble guy or he would do it himself) to beat the pants off those Ohio State Buckeyes, for Saquon to have a BIG game, and watch all things right in the world come together

..as Good defeats Evil

We Are!

Anywho, before I leave you with my much-anticipated Halloween play list that all of you can play while sitting in the school line or in traffic on the way to work, I want to wish you the SCARIEST Halloween yet!

Have fun, be devilish, don’t be safe….. mhawhahaha..

…and take pictures!

Happy Halloween knuckleheads!

I will try to be scarier next time….











“Boo, Y’all!”

Welcome to the special pre-Halloween Edition edition of Halloween in 3D. But first my two year old has a message for you:

Now, what could be more fun to a child at Halloween but a week full of fun pre-Halloween shenanigans before Halloween?

Actually, we’ve all been in a kinda crazy Halloween mood since one of the fabulous grandmothers sent down a Halloween package for the girls a few weeks back. Inside, among all the treats, was a fun lawn flag that simply read, “Boo Y’all.”

Now I have just been having too much fun with this. I started saying it to the kids and now they say it all the time. Its just fun to shout for some reason. Go ahead, say it with your best southern drawl. It’s very contagious!! Check out our clan and more zany “boo Y’all” fun at the Olive Garden…..

SPOILER ALERT: Our girls have their Halloween outfits picked out already. Smiling Skylar will be a Pumpkin. Dylan, showing more of her personality than imagination, opted to dress like a Princess in a flowing pink gown.

The pre-Halloween week began with our most fabulous nanny taking the girls out to a Pumpkin Patch at one of the nearby historical plantations. Instead of describing it I thought I would just let some pictures paint the images of their spooky adventure:

A fashion setter

“Boo Y’all!”

“It was Dylan’s fault…”

Then, this past Friday, we packed the kids in the car to head to their favorite cousin’s house for a night of “Boo in the Zoo”. No….her cousin’s house was not the zoo. It was the Greenville Zoo hosting Trick Or Treat as the sun went down.

The kids had a great time. They collected a little bit of candy (for Mom and Dad). Acting silly, all dressed up in their favorite outfit was just an extra. Skylar was a hit with the accompanying adults. Each Trick or Treat station had two lines to divide the trick or treaters in as they passed. Young Skylar, evidently thinking there was something different in each line, went through one side and then went to the top of the parallel line to get a double helping of goodies. She was so cute and innocently naïve that the hosts often would just smile and give her more.

A disappointed Dylan at the Zoo confided that she was sad that nobody could guess what she was dressed up as. “Everybody can guess what Skylar is but they don’t say anything about MY outfit” she said.

I told her it was hard as the dress could be either a Princess OR a fairy. And that made enough sense to appease her and she went on here silly way.

We spent Saturday at a birthday party, with lots of ice cream and cake. Lots! Then we piled in the car to head back home as there was one of those fun air pillows, like the one they had this summer waiting for them back home. If you have never seen that hilarious video here is another as the girls bounce and fall and laugh while working off some energy. Its kinda like the vaudeville and catapult of indoor jump castles. Too funny! ~stay tuned!

BOO, Y’all!!

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