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Christmas Eve, 1965


This I would keep forever in my heart

Among the things that ruthless years may leave;

The glad excitement, wonder, and delight

Of Christmas Eve.


This I would hold untarnished through the years,

Although the roads I take may lead me far,

The radiant molten Joy of the light

From one white star.


And oh, to keep the breathlessness, the thrill,

My heart’s swift running out to meet Surprise,

Never to lose entirely the light

Of childhood from my eyes;


Never to lose the Christmas morning joy,

And never the quick bright eagerness to give-

God, someway let my spirit keep the shine

Of Christmas while I live.

By Grace Noll Crowell

Christmas Ideals Magazine, 1965

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6 thoughts on “Christmas Eve, 1965

  1. Merry Christmas my friend!

  2. Merry Christmas Andy.

  3. 👍 so true! Stay young Amelie!

  4. Growing up is inevitable, aging is an option 🙂

  5. I have been telling my girls that ever since they turned 4 years old! She says back, ” sorry Dad, I can’t help it!” I hope the joy and surprise of Christmas still warms you like as a child. Merry Christmas. Thanks for stopping by…

  6. We must not grow

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