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Quiet Confidence

You see some people in life thump their chest when they do something exceptional.

Some people might point to the sky.

Others might holler, or scream or dance.

I think a quiet, humble confidence is kinda cool.

When you are a winner,

and you have confidence that you know you are a winner,

in the end nothing else needs to be said.

You are really the only one that needs to know.

Happy Hump Day everyone!


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6 thoughts on “Quiet Confidence

  1. the pleasure is ours.. 🙂

  2. Always a pleasure. 🙂

  3. Happy Hump Day for you, again! I hope you are well. Thanks for dropping by Amelie…

  4. The commercial is actually a couple years old I think. Geico is running a What’s Your Favorite Commercial of there’s contest and this is one if them. So I guess that’s why its on tv again. Hope you liked it! Thanks for dropping by Betsy!

  5. This is the second place I’ve seen featuring this commercial. Wow. Must be really popular!

  6. Happy Hump Day for you !

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