The Home of Daddy's Day Dare! ~ I am just trying to stay above water


I’d like to be a Jellyfish,

Cause Jellyfish don’t pay rent.

They don’t walk and they dont talk

with some eurotrash accent.

Shopping with the World’s Largest Glass of Sweet Tea

(its a southern thing)


They’re just simple protoplasm,

Clear as cellophane.

They ride the winds of fortune…

Life without a brain!

Bird Watching yesterday

(They did not move all afternoon)


In one ear and out the other,

Don’t you get crisscrossed.

I reccommend you try a little ….

mental floss

Its’ the small, small problems

that get me so upset

and send me seeking shelter

beneath my mosquito net.

I stay there for hours,

protected from the night

all those insects and vipers…

and other things that bite.

Baby Gator in our neighborhood

(A time when its not so good to be a Jellyfish)


In one ear and out the other,

Don’t you get crisscrossed.

I rec-commend you try a little ….

mental floss.

Floss everyday!

Washed in the Ocean; Dried in the Sun

~~I’m trying to kickback into a relaxing weekend.

Thanks Jimmy Buffett for helping to put things in perspective..

Have the best weekend everyone!

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4 thoughts on “Jellyfish

  1. You have a dog now? sure has been a while.

    • I have had a dog. He’s getting grey now. Where have you been 🙂 Actually I was just thinking that the other day, looking at old posts. Glad to see you are alive and kicking. I missed your fun comments. Wishing you well Ms Aurora.

  2. John McCleaf on said:

    I often turn to Jimmy B for perspective too. Hey I enjoyed the videos from St Lucia! I think I could use a 100 laps on the lazy river.

    • I had a few more songs by Jimmy come to me w meaning while floating around in the pool. “Philosphy by Jimmy” i thought. Stay tuned. I hope you are doing good John

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