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DYLANism: the Truth about Easter ~ Busted

~~ here is an oldie but goodie that I saw in my Reader yesterday as I reread this year’s Easter Post. This post from 3 years ago was an intro for things to come…..


Easter morning went off without a hitch this year. Through a series of poor communication, that my family is getting famous for, our girls ended up with four Easter baskets each. [same this year in 2018 ugh…something has to change!!] We have enough Easter candy in our home to fill a small Dollar General!

Dylan! Where did all that candy go?

Daddy! Whah do you mmmmean I have too much cammmdie. Dis isn’t mumpch at all!

We had Easter dinner. Ate our fill and beyond. Then clean up was left to moi, a.k.a. the Easter bunny.

So while I was cleaning up Dylan decided to go back to our computer and play with her adopted-pet stuffed-dog-thingy that she got for Christmas. You adopt your stuffed toy, give it a name, and then log on the computer to find out all about it; history birthday, favorite foods and such.

She came out of my office and confronted me about 3 minute later. She walks up into my face and firmly states, “I know who the Easter bunny is!”

Before I could get out a word she says, “its YOU isn’t it? I know it is.”

Me: “ahhhh…”

Dylan: “the receipt from the Target store is laying on top of the desk and at the top of it is everything that was in my Easter basket….”

Me: “ahhh….”

Dylan: “See? Ring pop. Peeps. Peeps. Chocolate Bunny. Sweet Tarts. Jelly Beans. Its YOU! I know its you, isn’t it?”

Me: “ahhh… Mommy and I bought you some stuff we thought we knew you would like to get you an extra basket cause you and Skylar have been so good this year.”

Dylan: “I knew it. I knew it…”

Seven years old! She is so going to be out smarting me when she becomes a teenager.

…or before. I am so in trouble!

I guess we will have to have a plan for Christmas. Pay in cash? Not very likely for this Santa Clause.

Easter Bunny's credit slip

Easter Bunny’s credit slip

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18 thoughts on “DYLANism: the Truth about Easter ~ Busted

  1. Its an Easter miracle!! I hope they liked their bunny. Our girls were vocally disappointed w the downsizing of our Easter. Thanks for dropping by Betsy! Happy belated Easter!

  2. Your kids are adorbs. Happy (belated) Easter. We saw a bunny in our yard today. We never see rabbits around here. Easter miracle. Fun for the kids. πŸ™‚

  3. … Maybe. I think she just enjoys being right..

  4. Aie, aie, aie … But maybe she preaches doubt in order to have the truth

  5. Easter was pleasant, as a family. Thank you !
    I did not avoid the egg hunt πŸ™‚

  6. …she out started me and Santa for Christmas this year too

  7. Too true! I asked her to stay 4 years old 7 years ago. She told me she could not help getting older. I told her she would be harder and harder to pick up. I hope your Easter is a great one Amelie!

  8. Haha …! Your little girl is growing up and dads do not like to see them grow πŸ™‚
    Happy Easter

  9. johnm983 on said:

    Hey you might still be in good shape for her teenage years. You have better experience with that time period. We didn’t do much candy at all this year. Sara & Marty don’t eat it due to diets & Jordyn isn’t that crazt about sweets. & to everyone out there-too much chocolate WILL cause kidney stones….along with too much tea. Those were my causing foods. Anyway, Marty and I bought more candy After Easter than before. It was half price and Sara made it to the final cuts of Washington Redskins Cheerleaders which was Monday night. She chowed on beeps big time on her way home. Happy Easter to Mr & Mrs Bunny and your 2 peeps!!!

  10. But if she figured that one out it will be the tooth fairy next and then Santa’s days will be numbered… and then she’ll have to tell here little sister too to show her how smart she is… maybe she’ll forget by next year? Nah, not this kid… I hope you and yours had a nice and peaceful Easter. Tell Marisha we have plenty of chocolate for her too… Happy Easter Luanne!

  11. ms. Aurora, one person can not eat that much. Bring you and your new sister and there would still be more than enough… there is plenty to go around for everyone in your stories. Trust me! I hope you are doing well. Always enjoy hearing from you Aurora!

  12. I thought they were filed! right on the desk where it is always left. if you saw the pic of my desk you would know that’s as organized as it gets. I hope you had an Eggcellent Easter Dianna! And that the Easter bunny left you all sorts of treats too (but not on credit) Cheers!

  13. Recovered? I’m headed home right now to eat me another pack of peeps and maybe a malted egg or two! ~ yes lesson learned….that kid is too smart! I hope you had a great Easter too Nancy! Thanks for dropping by…

  14. Hi Andy,

    Cute story! Lesson learned for you, right? Never leave your receipts in public where other people can see them!

    Hope you have recovered from your Easter sugar fix!


  15. That’ll teach you not to put your rects away! Actually better she figured it out on her own than had another kid tell her.

  16. Once you eat it, there is not much candy anymore 😦

  17. haha or file your receipts Andy? Happy Easter to you and your family! ❀
    Diana xo

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