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Hello Old Friend

So its been awhile.

With everything opening back up I have not been able to get back to the beach for awhile from all the other distractions.

But today I made it.

Back to sea breezes, hot sand and the healing powers of the ocean.

Back to my long overdue reunion with my friend, the Beach

The beach corridor was lined with tropical flowers

… Yucca plants to keep you from straying off the path

More tropical foliage

all highlighting the way to the beach entrance

Running back to the ocean was like being a kid again, diving through waves, riding some waves, tossing the football in the waves, and crashing into some waves.

It was a good day.

So after spending some good time with my ol’ friend,

I eventually headed back to my chair, my shoulders a little crispy, red flag wet hair, and a big grin.

And there on the edge of the water was a shiny coin.

A sand dollar put right in my path as I headed to dry off.

Now anyone who knows me knows how I treasure a ‘whole’ sand dollar.

Usually when the sand dollars make it through the surf its broken, or tramped on. And with all the other beach dwellers and small children roaming around its amazing that something that shiny was not discovered before me.

A gift from God?

A welcome back gift from Poseidon?

Something put there just for me?

The healing powers of the ocean did not disappoint.

And after another hour in the ocean a little bit later,

the ocean’s mighty powers did give me back some 20 years of my life.

(at least it felt that way)

But as all as all good things must come to an end, so must this day. I headed on back to the beach house..

Adios and vaya con Dios.

I had my ass in the water and my toes in the sand,

not a worry in the world,

a cold beer in my hand.

My only worry in the world was

the tide going to reach my chair?

Life was good today.

through the beach path

only to find the beach house’s backyard being set up for a wedding ceremony.

When we finally got back to the ranch I had to unload the car and put everything away while the girl’s in my life all got a shower.

Adios and vaya con Dios.

Going home for today.

I can see the day

when my hair’s completely gray

and I finally disappear...

…..to the hammock

After this it got a little bit hazy.

Life was good today.

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