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Batter Up!

Yes, I was volun-told I was a coach for our girl’s T-Ball team. Its OK though, I enjoy baseball and played a lot of it when I was a kid. Its fun(ny) and rewarding and more than just a little amusing to coach kids at this age and this skill level.

But it doesn’t mean coaching these youngsters is all fun and games!

tball fun n games

It seems every day  I have to put on my Tom Hanks hat to coach and council some kids on this….

t ball crying

Its not the big leagues after all.

Every day we see some of this…

t ball fail

…and a lot of this….

t ball play

No, actually most of our team doesn’t throw that well.

But its all good.

Its all fun!

Its no stress.

Everyone bats, and everyone hits.

Everyone scores.

And everyone wins.

Smiles, cheers, and high-fives abound every play.

Dylan actually hit the ball the farthest in their game last Friday…not that anyone is measuring such things. (atta girl Dylan!)

Did you see that Daddy?

Did you see that Daddy?

And while Dylan seems to be a natural behind the bat the way she whacks the ball, Skye seems to be a natural in front of the camera, never missing a chance for a cute pose…

Say Cheese!

Say Cheese!

Here she has just scored her run. Aunt Sue has trained her well!

All in all, it seems to be a great experience for the kids.

Participating in sports can teach youngsters a lot I learned growing up. And this coach just wants them to try their best and have some fun.

They are all All-Stars that way in my book…

Its great to be a kid!

Its great to be a kid!


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17 thoughts on “Batter Up!

  1. So i wasn’t the only one that hadn’t heard of it before? Apparently I am a voluntoldier the way I keep doing stuff. 🙂 Ok, I know, that was bad… Have a great week Sandy! Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Springtime has FINALLY arrived in Nova Scotia!

    Very cute post. “Voluntold” is my new favorite word.

  3. Yes! These girls are helping me channel my unextinguished childhood! We have so much fun. I hope you are having some fun with your youngsters. Thanks for dropping by PIF!

  4. What fun. It is indeed great to be a kid, the lucky buggers!

  5. Oh, its ok. We don’t count runs or outs. Its all about fun at this level. And, to be honest, its kinda funny sometimes as three kids all run into each other and fall down like bowling pins. Yes, they are doing well…when they are not playing in the dirt. Thanks for looking in Aurora! I always enjoy hearing from you…

  6. That first baseman of the gif image made me angry, oh, I dont think I would have the patience to do the coaching 😛

    Good to see the girls doing well.

  7. I thought about patience too. But this is really beginner level stuff. You are lucky to hold their attention for more than 5 minutes during practice. Lil Skylar just plays in the dirt in the infield. She cried the first practice. Coach put her on second base and she didn’t get many balls hit her way. And this was coming off the heels of playing basketball. Baseball just wasn’t busy enough for her. She can whack the ball pretty hard too. both are still learning to throw. But they, and everyone get better every game. You can coach me up for these girls at this grade level to the way yours turned out. Thanks for dropping by Maria! have a great week…

  8. They are all so adorable. I miss this age! You need all the patience in the world to coach these little guys, though. I bet you are awesome at it! 🙂

  9. You too, Andy!

  10. Yes, our girls miss a lot. D is 7 now and the oldest on the field this summer. She did miss twice herself before she socked it one. …and it didn’t even make it out of the in field. So don’t worry, your plants and windows are safe…for now. Thanks for dropping by Nancy! Have the best week!

  11. Thanks Luanne! I am glad you liked it. I always enjoy hearing from you! Have a great week…

  12. Yea, I bet you you lived closer right now too. I heard tomorrow’s O’s game is going to be closed to the public (!) And the rest of the home stand is either moved or cancelled. Yes, come down and join us! The girls would love to see you Uncle John!

  13. Thanks Dianna! Yes, chronicling it. Maybe turn it into a book when I get tired for writing and taking these darn pictures. 🙂 And they are the ones creating the great memories for us…such as my memory is. Thanks for dropping by Dianna! Have a great week!

  14. Hi Andy,

    Cute pictures. As I read this post, I was reminded of the adorable 5 year old who lives next door. He loves all sports and is always out in his backyard, playing with his dad. One day he was practicing his T-ball. I was originally a little nervous watching him, being afraid that a ball would come flying into our yard and do some damage. But as I watched him, I realized that he usually missed the ball. When he did manage to hit it, it didn’t go very far.


  15. This is so funny and cute!!

  16. johnm983 on said:

    Some great pictures there!! Sounds like you and the kids are all on the right track! Gee, now I really miss not living closer to you guys………Play ball!

  17. It is great to be a kid and you and your wife are creating so many beautiful memories for your girls and you’re chronicling it ta boot, Andy! ❤
    Diana xo

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