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Help Wanted:

Had a busy day yesterday! Busy day, good day! Between picking up Legos, wiping runny noses, cleaning up, making lunch(s), playing outside and everything; lots going on! I didn’t end up getting a shower yesterday until, aaaaa, 10:00am ~ today! All because I got the news,” Someone wants to hire me!”

Ironically the Dora song is playing the background, “We did it, we did it, we did it, hurray!” Really it is.


And I just didn’t just get hired once yesterday, two people wanted to hire me! When it rains it pours. Well the first gig doesn’t pay any money. A lady I saw on the professional web site, LinkedIn.com was offering a few internships for writing on her Business Finance web site at About.com. She liked my stuff and took me on! Thank you! You may know by now how I enjoy writing about finance. So I am excited about this.

I got another call at the end of the day. A famous snack food company wanted to hire me for a new position in our area. Super Cool! It is very exciting to be able to put your thumb print down on something you enjoy. But there is a great deal of ironie here; and amusement.
I grew up in a small town in PA. It was a small town but with a few large businesses, including this snack food giant. But you know how small towns go. One family, that owned one of the large businesses in town, also owned a fancy restaurant. The owners were great people; lots of fun! I worked at there restaurant as a bartender during the summers and on weekends thru my first college degree.

The wife of the owner was great lady and always took an interest in me. One summer it was time for her daughter to pack her things and go to college. Of all the people at her disposal she asked me if I wanted to help with the college relocation. I was thrilled! Her daughter was a great girl that was 2 years younger than me in school. You can see where this is going, can’t you?

Well I helped, we had a great time, and made some plans for weekends in the future as the homesickness would inevitably set in. But that is about where it ends as I lived up to being a bit of a punk in my youth and didn’t believe my luck could be that good. I enjoyed those experiences  and still consider the family one of my favorite employers.

Moving back to the future now, guess what family has bought this snack giant? Uh-ha! I was dropping names in the interview and knowing some things about my new employer that my interviewer didn’t even know (my parents still live  in that town). It was a great conversation, but he quickly spun the direction of the interview saying, “I better watch what I say I guess” knowing my family’s connection. So I am very excited to be working for my hometown brand, for a great family in a sense, and more importantly, with some very nice people locally. Thanks!

All that being said, I need a favor from one of you! Sadly, very sadly, I need to find some child care for the girls. (Sniff, sniff). If any of you feel qualified or interested, we are looking for a great child care provider in our home, with some experience working with and teaching toddlers. Some skills that will set you apart fromf the group would be being able to write, take pictures, and post to the Internet.

Whaddya think? Email me. I have been very fortunate to be able to touch base with lots of great people in this blogging. All of you are qualified! …and certainly better writers than me!

I also wanted to thank everyone who has chimed in and offered ideas, experiences, and advice on my previous two post in fitness. I took some notes! In the population of the handful of readers here in 3D, I find we have a broad range of fitness levels from the beginners to the best in the country. I enjoy learning from all of you!

Since this post today is a quickie, and following in the fitness theme,  I wanted to leave you with a funny from a Big Bang celebrity, since there was not a whole lot of humor today. You can see she’s really not acting too much!

I have sooo many jokes or comments I would like to add to this video but you still don’t know me that well so I will let you make up your own. Plus its late! ~ the actual time is not quite 10:00am Thurs. If you look above in the post… I really need a shower

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15 thoughts on “Help Wanted:

  1. Thank you both! Thanks for stopping by too!

  2. Good luck on both fronts!

  3. I LOL at the video too. Thanks for the congrats. I’m looking forward to being active again. If you ever need some salty snacks let me know!

  4. Yay and a huge congrats on the job!
    Oh, and that video gave me a good laugh, thanks. 🙂

  5. well if you are not ready to make the transition to nannydom I guess I will have to go to plan B! I think I have some nannies lined up. Thanks for dropping by! Please check in on my girls while I am working to make sure everything’s OK!

  6. Thanks! I’m looking forward to being useful again!

  7. Thanks Derek! I think I will have some day care lined up. I found sittercity(dot)com a few years back for a great place to find nannies locally. We have 2 interviews lined up for Saturday!

  8. Thanks ! We’ll see how amazing it is in a few days! I’m already looking forward to vacation!

  9. Well said! And I am not too socially coherent! 😛 Thanks for stopping in kianys!

  10. Congratulations on the new job! I have a lot of experience with kids, but I’m pretty sure we’re not even in the same state….

    Good luck with finding child care, I’m sure it will all work out in the end. Connections are everything in the current job market. Sounds like your connections panned out for you!

  11. Congratulations..I hope you can get the child care thing worked out.

  12. Congrats on the new job! Sounds amazing 🙂

  13. This is awesome! Congrats! 😀

    Good things happen to good people!

    (well and sometimes bad things do to, which has nothing to do with this great news and is completely irrelevant to the my above congrats and all, but ah – well never mind – you’ll find out I’m not always socially adept or coherent sooner or later anyways 😉 )

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