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Advent Sunday

Mom(riding in the car): So Dad, you want a digital clock for Christmas this year?

Dad: Well, yes, a clock with an alarm.

Mom: A clock with dual alarms!

Dad: Yes. And Digits! Dylan don’t you want a digital clock for Christmas too? You haven’t mentioned it yet?

Dylan: Nah, I’m asking for a lot of things already.

Dad: A lot of things? I only know of a handful of things you are wanting for Christmas?

Dylan: I know. I am telling the rest to Santa Clause.

Dad: How?

Dylan: In a letter. I’m testing this whole Santa Clause theory, to see if I only ask Santa for toys but don’t tell Mom and Dad, to see if I still get everything I asked for from Santa or not.

Dad: Well good luck with that!

(Note to self… the oldest one has out smarted me again!)

No Miracles Of Christmas this year for that one!

December started off with a mini celebration. I had my annual cancer check up with Dr. O.

He said I was perfect. That there was no cancer detectable.

So once again I celebrated with my donuts!

You have to die of something, right?

So the weekend rolled around and with it the start of December, which my kids know all too well as the day that Lana, our Elf On The Shelf arrives!

They were excited about it too!

The enjoyed some of the shenanigans ol’ Lana got into last Christmas.

Well Saturday, they eventually did find her as we were unpacking some Christmas decorations, laying face down in a box, with other Christmas decorations.

So Dylan (the kid with Santa’s email apparently) left her a note to pick out her stocking.

The next Day Lana did not disappoint!

She hung the stocking she wanted up with the rest of our family’s Christmas stockings, where we hang Grandma’s stocking actually, she threw Grandma’s stocking on the floor and then tried to blend in with our family other ways…

I should not complain too much. I hear some of these Elves On Shelves are quite mischievous!

Trying to steal the Star off the tree…

So I feel a bit relaxed for the Elf that Santa sent to our home.

(Hmmm…I wonder of Lana can get a hold of Dylan’s Christmas list this year?)

Later this weekend we went hunting for our annual Christmas tree to decorate.

I hear this year’s supply of tree’s was down. And I did have a hard time finding one the size that we usually get.

But I did find this big, thick one…

This may be our biggest one to date!

So I got a new tree stand to hold a bigger tree and another string of lights to let the girls have at it!

And midway through the first Sunday of Advent the chore was done!

Tree up..Check

Lights and ornaments up..Check

Needles swept up … Check

Train set up…Check

Christmas Village, Dickens’s people and forest trees set up…Check

Old brick border taped, stapled and thumb-tacked up…Check

Sweep for more needles…check

Griswold Tree Lighting snafu…. ahh..well that happened Thanksgiving…..when me Smoker caught fire..



And so endth the first Sunday of Advent!

It was busy and tiring but rewarding!

Christmas is coming… are you ready, as we celebrate the birth of baby Jesus?

We are getting there. But right now I am ready to call it a night.

Thanks for dropping by everyone! Let the Season begin!

I will try to do a better job next time knuckleheads cause it is late.

Lana, can you get me another egg nog?  And where’s Dylan’s list?”


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