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Donuts for everyone!

Just came from Dr. O’s office. After waiting an hour for my latest PSA results, I walked up to the desk to let them know I was leaving. I had waited an hour already and it was 5 o’clock.

Could you please just call or mail me with the results?” I requested.

She agreed but first checked on them. She came back around the corner and gave me a casual thumbs up, “You’re good” she said.

Good?” I questioned.

She said, “Yes, your PSA’s are less than 0.1, you are good!

Ladies and gentlemen, my tests say I have no more cancer in my body!

Last test.

Last checkup!

Ladies and gentlemen….

Donuts For Everyone!

donutsExcept for my initial drop in my PSA’s, that was the biggest drop yet.

Know what?

I largely cut out my diet sodas for the last 6 weeks….I’m just saying.

But based on those tests I am cancer free!

…and back to working on my immortality!

So how do we celebrate great doctor visits at my house? (at least me)

With Dunkin Donuts...

And you all are invited too! I have plenty for everyone!

Know what?

Tonight I might celebrate a little bit more!

While I never ever felt sick from the cancer, I am feeling pretty good tonight!


First round of donuts are on me!


No, its not my time..

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19 thoughts on “Donuts for everyone!

  1. Thank you Ms. Beautiful! So glad to hear from you. I’m kinda stoked too! Please help yourself to some donuts and thanks for joining in the celebration! Have a great week…

  2. FAN-bloody-tastic!!

  3. Thanks! I am trying to get my legs back running too, running 5x a week, although they are aren’t more than 2 mile runs at this point and signing up for a Stairclimb later this month.. …following your inspiration! Thanks for dropping by and adding to the celebration SAR. Have yourself a donut 🙂

  4. So pleased for you and your family to hear those results for you.

  5. Are you a vegan? I wouldn’t last long there I am afraid…I’m hungry all the time. Are you talking about the odd beer and donut combo? No the donuts were for dessert and breakfast….and snacks. The beer was just for a good YaHoo!! I hope you are doing great Natalie. Thanks for dropping by!

  6. Yay to no cancer! Just eat plants and enjoy the odd beer and doughnut!

  7. Wellll I didn’t actually have the beer with the donuts. But thanks for celebrating with me!..the pool continues to be a sore subject however. Welcome the city zoning restrictions….. thanks for looking in John. I hope you and your girls have a great week!

  8. Thanks Betsy! While I kinda expected these results, I also expected them the last 2 check ups too. But to finally have it confirmed was an expected treat. No need to wait for your next donut, have one of mine! I got plenty to chose from! Thanks fro dropping by PIF. Have a great week!

  9. johnm983 on said:

    Yeaaaaaa!!!!! Congratulations!!!!! Beer and donuts all around!!! I was away all weekend, but did (coincidently) have plenty of donuts and beer. Great news!! Enjoy those treats out by the pool!!!

  10. That’s awesome! Congratulations! Next time I have a donut, I’ll do a virtual toast to you.

  11. Thanks Ms. Sandy! Thanks for being a great cheerleader too. There is a plate of donuts up there with your name on it. Feel free to have all you want! And thanks for all your support in 3D while I went through this. (PS… the square donut up front is Cheesecake…OMG….you can work it off)

  12. Well then I DEFINITELY need to make a trip to your house! ( a buddy gave me that Corona light in the background so now I almost feel compelled to drink Corona Light. get it?) Or maybe you can bring some by for the Princess Pool party! I never did see the doctor….I’m going to keep him waiting now. Yes GREAT year so far! Thanks for being part of it Ms. AuAu. Please help yourself to some donuts!

  13. Thanks so much Ms. Karen! I know you have been around through all the misadventures in 3D. Please have a donut or two and celebrate with me. there are two up there with Oreo toppings. Thanks for being part of 3D for so long!

  14. Congratulations on the good news!!

    Hope you enjoyed your donuts!

  15. Great news, being radioactive was worth, and the donuts look tasty.

    Donuts with beer? actually, the factory of that beer is near my home, at a next (ugly) neighborhood.

    damn those doctors for keeping you waiting.

    Good year so far 🙂

  16. Great news, Andy!

  17. Amen! Woop. Woop!! Have a donut Mari! 🙂

  18. Woop woop!!

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