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Its no accident…

As an extroverted and want-to-be creative dad, I love Saturday and Sunday morning breakfasts. Its then I have the time to make some breakfast for my family. Is it a big deal? I really enjoy it. It takes me back to the Saturday mornings when my dad used to make pancakes for us.  I don’t know if you can remember this far back. In the old days you used to make pancakes with some flour, eggs, vegetable, oil, milk and so on. Nowadays you just measure the mix, add the water and stir it together.

Today was pancakes with some blueberries whipped in. That’s the part I dig, making it up each day. I just look in the refrigerator and see what we have to mix with. I figure, if I am taking the time to make the breakfast, why not make it as special as you can for everyone? Its like a motto I used as a manager by famed basketball great Bill Russell, “ The game is scheduled, we are all here, we might as well play to win!”

My resume of pancake breakfasts include, Blueberry pancakes, strawberry pancakes, banana, blueberry- banana (which my neighbors got out of bed for)and so on. The secret ingredient to my pancakes however is the vanilla extract. Every batch starts with enough of a dose of vanilla extract to get you loopy. Well not that much. The vanilla acts like the canvas for the pancakes; the vehicle for the other ingredients to ride on board with. Plus, it fills the house with the good vanilla smell where you don’t ever have to call everyone to the table. It gets you that, “It smells good” compliment every time. Nothing wrong for fishing for complements on a bleary-eyed Saturday morning, is there?

When I was in high school, I had a friend’s mother that would take the entertaining one step further. She would make the syrup fancy. She would take regular syrup (already one of the top five condiments known to mankind) and warm it up. Next, she would add some real butter to it. (Sniff) Can you imagine what that mighta smelled like? Or she could make fruit flavored syrup by adding some extra fruit (see pancake recipes above) to the warming syrup, mash the fruit a bit and let the heat just bleed the flavors out of the fruit. So good! Can you imagine having a stack of steaming pancakes topped with warm maple syrup while you are looking at snow outside?

I enjoy doing all this for my clan and seeing there smiling faces. If the smiles are ample enough I might even clean the dishes too. ~ well hide most of them in the dishwasher. I enjoy the entertaining aspect and its one reason why my IDEAL career would be owning and operating a Bed & Breakfast. I enjoy the entertaining! I enjoy the creative cooking ( I was a Restaurant Manager in a past life). I enjoy meeting new people and getting to know them. ~ Be aware of that last passion, if you ever get an email from me! Combined with my fondness for writing, the emails can get quite ‘chatty’.

And if anyone in my B&B, whether here at home at my fantasy resort, had a preferred breakfast, I’d try to make it too. ..cause I want to try it! Have I told you how I love to eat yet?

Its Dylan’s nap time. Part of the whole ‘nap time’ process is getting her to go to the potty before she lays down, so she doesn’t have to wear her pull-ups while she naps. She usually enjoys doing it so she can prove what a big girl she is. Today however, she stayed sitting in the middle of the hallway. She was kneeling down over one of her dolls, just waiting there.

I urged, “Come on Dylan, its time for your nap!”

She looks up and hands me “Belle”, one of her new Disney Princesses. “Belle” was evidently propped atop one of our little tooth-brushing rinse cups. Dylan looks up, wipes the hair away from her face, smiles and says, “Belle had to go potty too!” It seems Belle was going to take a nap with Dylan…and Dylan didn’t want to get blamed for something, in case Belle had an accident.


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