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Disney Commercial

Well I know some of you figured out what happened to our kids in the last episode of 3D.

Yes, we were in Disney World so there was a very good chance they were shrunk, with all the magic dust flying  around.

Do you here a buzz?

Do you here a buzz?

Well we spoke to the park managers about our situation to see how they could fix our predicament.

We were not happy at the time!

In an effort to appease us (and they did) they asked us if we would like to be part of a Disney World commercial and some marketing advertising for one of their popular family rides, the 7 Dwarfs Mine Shaft ride.

Somehow I got tagged as the 8th Dwarf!

With out hesitation we agreed. They restored our kids to their original heights. They rushed us off to be with all the other high-priced Disney actors. And we became Disney World stars!

So, ‘Hi-Ho, Hi Ho, its off on an acting adventure we go’ for my family and I now! THIS is really exciting!

And really, who wouldn’t want this good-looking group of big happy smiles advertising their products?

All Smiles!

All Smiles!

Any serious offers please speak to my agent…..

Dylan is counting the offers already!

Dylan is counting the offers already!

 Have a great weekend Knuckleheads!

Enjoy your summer time weather!

I’ll let you know how it is enjoying ‘the Star Treatment’ in the next episode of 3D.


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