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We were checking into a hotel yesterday on the way home. We entered an elevator taking us to our rooms and we haven’t seen them since!

Here is the happy family shot right before we checked in:

Disneys_Hollywood_Studios_Tower of Terror out front

Here is the elevator we got in before our kids disappeared. I should have known better about this place. It looked like it needed some upkeep!

it needed some paint!

it needed some paint!

We got on the elevator. The elevator cams clearly point that out. We sat down in the last row on the left side.

Then, after an abrupt take off to our 13th floor, the kids vanished!

Here is the evidence:

the evidence

see us in the back?

I think the place is haunted of something. I heard the hotel had a history.

This hotel video cam shows the whole travesty of that elevator ride:

Please Help!

If you see or hear any word from them will you let us know please!

We want to see their smiling faces again!

Animal_Kingdom_Magic with Stitch II

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2 thoughts on “CHILD ALERT!

  1. It turns out they weren’t missing, only shrunk. So they were littler little people.

  2. Ahh! You lost the girls!!!

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