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DYLANism: on the rocks, no salt

5/11 – After going to the grocery store on a Friday after work, to get a few things for the weekend, we went next door to get a bottle of tequila for some margaritas for the upcoming summer. I walked over to what looked like the familiar label that I like. But when I got to the shelf I realized it was Cuervo Margaritta mix.

The store clerk came over and asked , “Can I help you?”

I said, ” I thought I saw what I was looking for but it wasn’t it.”

Then my 3 year old, that I am carrying the whole time, chimes in to the liquor store lady saying, “No daddy yours is over here”, pointing to a display of Cuervo on the show room floor.

She was right! How embarrassing…my 3yr old can recognize the type of tequila I prefer. I don’t start mixing margaritas until she is in bed. Honest!

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