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That’s Incredible

“Happy Friday everyone!

When I left you last I tossed out a challenge to see if anyone had been to Disney World recently. Let’s face it, EVERYONE knew those bracelets came from Disney World or Disneyland, right?

flip magic

Well I have not been there since, oh, the early 1970’s, when Rapunzel still had short hair. We wanted to finally take the girls there this summer and I was just amazed, if not intimidated, of what kind of place this is now. It’s huge! So many options! So many choices! Where to start? What to do?disney

Well as strange as this may seem, there is actually a blog out there that gives advice on how to tour Disney World!

I know, hard to believe, but its true.

The blog is huge and vast! But it was a big help! It includes a 6 Step Process to planning your Disney vacation. Check out WDW Prep School. If you want to plan a trip there Shannon has answers to almost every question and does everything but book it herself.


Which takes me to these gems above. They are Magic Bracelets! Of course everything begins with the word Magic at the Magic Kingdom. Congratulations to Ms. AuAu, an amazing artist and story teller and computer whiz who guessed correctly on my challenge. She knew how to answer the quiz question all right, Google it!

If you book a room at the Disney resort you are entitled to these little bracelets. These MagicBands use radio frequency (RF) technology and can be read by short and long-range readers located at the Walt Disney World Resort. They are basically your ID card, tickets, Kingdom pass and more all rolled into one. As Ms. AuAu discovered, these Disney accessories will:

Unlock the door of your Disney Resort hotel room.
Enter theme and water parks ~ your tickets.
Check in at FastPass+ entrances..to get you to the front of the lines.
Connect Disney PhotoPass /Memory Maker images to your account.
Charge food and merchandise purchases to your Disney Resort hotel room during your hotel stay.

Maybe I have just been living in a cave and these things are have been around for a while but I thought they were pretty cool to have all that technology wrapped around our wrists. It’s the Photo Pass perk that I found to be the best thing.

You see there are various Disney photographers all over the Magic Kingdom; at  the theme parks, the restaurants, resorts, everywhere.


When someone has a PhotoPass linked to their bracelet the Magic paparazzi can take your pic and than forward it to your own Disney Experience web page for you. Not only that but it can add cartoons to your pics, add some animation, and with the help of your Magic Brands, know you are approaching on s few of the rides and take your pictures or video of the experience. Take a look:

I thought that pretty Incredible. Thanks to the Memory Maker thing I don’t have to carry my camera everywhere and might actually get to be in some family pictures myself this time.

So with our Magic Bracelets first you make your reservation , then claim your Magic Bands and customize them, starting with picking your favorite color to make your band unique. Then you assign a Disney character as your image for your customized band.

What Disney character do you think I chose?

After reviewing a list of about 30 Disney icons and characters, Dylan and I decided I should be Mr. Incredible!

Kinda fitting, huh?

Kinda fitting, huh?

 I know what some of my loyal fans are thinking?

No, Flynn Rider was not an option to choose from for me.

flynn and rapunzelI know. I was shocked and disappointed too.

…and the only other male characters to choose from were the Grumpy old Man from Up, the boy from Up, and Yoda

I will give you two guesses who my girls identified with for their Disney characters….


Mom wasn’t close by to choose her character so Dylan and I thought about her for a moment and decided she was pretty Incredible too! Mrs. Incredible!

How did you like that honey?

How did you like that honey?

All in all I am getting excited for this vacation as it looks like we may have a pretty incredible time!

How fitting….

an Incredible family

an Incredible time!

…we are all ready for one great adventure!

So after 2 months of weekends on the computer, researching and planning, reserving, and paying, and calling we are all going to Disney World for the first time. It should be a great time filled with plenty of magical memories to last a lifetime!

And everyone can thank me in the end….

That's right, they have me to thank, MISTER Incredible...Mister Incredible!

Have the best weekend knuckleheads!

I’ll try to do better next time…


After seeing this post, one of my first Likes was from Jenny at Magic Mouse Vacations, a.k.a. a Disney blog! (Thanks Jenny!) Unfamiliar with this blogger I clicked on a link to her site offered in my notification and found she has a LIST  of favorite Disney blogs of hers.

So there appears to be multiple blogs offering Disney World advice. If anyone reading this post would ever have any questions I am sure you can find any and all answers at one of these helpful and experienced blogs. My only unanswered question is ‘How can I get a job as a blogger for Disney’? Hmmmm?

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