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Party Time!!!

Wait. Wait. Wait!  Put the 5 Hour Energy and the Monster Fuel away. This is not going to be an all-nighter (it better not) I was catching up on some reading and projects when my 4 year old came over and told me its “Party Time!”

This time she means business. She came over and cornered me with her posse, Ariel, Eric and King Triton. There was no getting out of this one!

I explained, “I still have some work to do”!

Dylan put on her sad heartbreak face, as she looked down to the floor with her somber look, barely showing her eyes from beneath her hair hanging down.

I said, “But I have nothing to wear!”

So Dylan pulls out her Dora costume for me; a red halter top and baggie genie pants.

I told her, “This will never fit me!” I tried on the red halter top (please don’t picture this!) And sure enough it was too small.

So Dylan ran to get her Tinker Bell outfit for me.

Sorry! Ain’t gonna be no stinkin’ fairy I thought. Feeling the peer pressure I thought I would humor her. Sure enough, it was not going to fit either. I tried!

“Well daddy why don’t to try dis on?” she says, handing me her pink tu-tu from last Valentines day.

Darn! She got me that time as it was a tie-string format. I reluctantly agreed. ~sorry no pictures of this!

Dylan gathered her friends put them in the lil’ shopping cart she got for Christmas and said, “Come on dad, its dis way to the party.” as she walked back the hallway.

I still had so much work to do I knew I didn’t dare ‘throw down’ like days of old. What to do? She had me. I drew a heavy sigh of relief as I saw where the party was going… back to Grandma’s room, a.k.a. her nap room.

So I told her of the great kinds of parties we had when I was a kid (when we still lived by candlelight). I told her they were the best parties, the most popular ones….Slumber parties! And I explained the concept to her.

I told her, her and her friends could sit around and talk about who they liked and who liked them. And when they wake up we would have pizza for everyone; it’ll only be 5:00pm, so no pancakes this time.

The party crew: Dylan, holding Ariel in her PJ’s, Eric, and King Triton

Seeing she’s buying into this I threw in how I would take some pictures ( I really needed some blog fodder) so that her and her friends could share and save the party forever. As my parents did, I warned her there was to be no talking after I turned out the lights and checked for any flashlights in the room; and cell phones, or games, lip gloss, small computers ~ its so cool to be a kid now a days!    She said, “OK”.

They slipped on their jammies and I put a finger to my mouth, saying “Hush, be quiet. I don’t want to come back here and see you girls talking after I leave.”

Dylan gave me a nod but then sprang up, as in another attempt to postpone the inevitable, and said, “I still hafta go potty!”

You girls better be sleeping back there!

I asked, ” who else in here needs to go potty?” But the room was silent.

She went. She did. She went back to the slumber party with out incident and I shut the door hoping to get some work done in the quiet. Another party under my belt (sigh) Just in time I thought. No more life in the fast lane for me

Wait. Hold on a second. Do I hear boys back there?

She never ceases to amaze me!

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26 thoughts on “Party Time!!!

  1. One buck and you have to leave it up for two weeks.

  2. Do you mean the one with the tu tu? Two bucks and your on!

  3. I dare you to put that photo as your header photo on the blog. hahahaha

  4. hahaha! Omg that photo is priceless!! Ah, the sacrifices you make to be a supportive dad =P

  5. Yes, as you can see its getting to be like Turner Movie Classics around here. Trying to give some old posts new life. This one has always been one of MY favorites. But I posted it to lead as an intro to my next post. A few of these last posts been more serious than I tend to be.

    ~ I still have my hat! I get TOO many good (?) comments to toss it! lol

  6. Just as cute the second time around! Nice hat, Andy. 🙂

  7. Potty Training..its a means to an end (no pun intended) How old is your Diva? And she knows how to flick a switch and turn on the charm? Last night it got cold & I was trying to explain heat rises and cold sinks and she says, I like Hot and Cold. Me, “huh?” She says if you mix them both together I get real comfortable. Stay tuned, she is interviewing a mermaid tonight. I really loved your writing this morning. Good to see you again on WP.

  8. Dylan and my Lil Diva would be total BFF’s. There is nothing like that sad-face-please-play-with-me face. I find it more difficult to resist because I know one day, I’ll be lucky to get a grunt out of her in response.

    Right now according to my daughter’s conversation, there are sharks and princesses and goggles and someone has to go to the potty.

    Oh, and she really has go now. AGH! Joys of potty training.

  9. Actually, I have recieved quite a lot of postitive comments on the tu tu. So I keep it in my closet now. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by Sandy!

  10. That is a completely adorable story.
    And the tutu hat is quite becoming.

  11. Thanks Di. Its easy to be a good dad with great kids. Now how can I keep ’em this age?

  12. nice umm tribal? hat thing! You’re a good dad!

  13. She is very adorable. You two have a lot in common, she has a great spirit too and loves to swim.. but not as good as you.

  14. shes sooooo adorable!

  15. Thanks KD! I get all the inspiration I need to be one from just being around these two…Thanks for looking in!

  16. Ya gotta watch that girl! She can be sneaky! Wait until I tell you about her passion for ‘body slamming’ like a professional wrestler! errrr!

  17. LOL, I truly love reading this post. You are too funny and the picture seal the deal. See, what we would do for love.

  18. Aw, you are such a good daddy!

  19. Your mini-you’s will be awesome & I can’t wait to here those stories! It appears I may have to add another blog about ‘Super Tu-TuMan’ and his questionable powers. Have a great weekend!

  20. Thanks Breezy! The tu-tu pic was from 2 years ago and had LMAO effect at home. its the only pic I could show as the other tu-tu pics just get racier! 😛 Thanks for looking in Breezy!

  21. Thanks Karen. It did work out OK. Except I forgot to take off the tu-tu, which earned some funny looks when mom got home. Have a great weekend!

  22. Ha ha, too sweet! I’ll have to remember that for when my own little mini-me’s come around… .

    On a sidenote The pink tutu and the blue shirt your wearing make you look like a Disney character 😀

  23. This is so sweet! Love the pics- especially the one of you in the tutu! haha

  24. Sweet! Sounds like a win – win all the way around. Good work, Dad!

  25. That’s a great idea! ..the printing of the blogs for later, NOT the parenting book. I feel lucky they don;t take mine away sometimes. I am learning some of this parenting from all you parents in the blogs! And taking notes. Thanks for looking in today! Have a great weekend!

  26. Very clever. You could write a parenting book. Make sure you print your blog posts out – you will treasure them later (when you are wondering if she’s really at the movies or at Triton’s party). Seriously, print them.

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