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So since it ’tis the season, and its snowing everywhere, I thought I would offer Snowball for all you kids and searchers.


One of our favorite books to read to the kids is Shel Silversteins’s “Where the Sidewalk Ends“. Every night at bedtime we take a few minutes and read some of our girl’s favorite pages to them.  Its fun. We act them out or exaggerate the stories, laugh and bond.


Why bring this up you may be wondering? Because my page, Bedtime Stories, at the top of this blog has been blowing up lately from searches of one of Shel’s fun poems and timely poems, Snowball, in the “…Sidewalk Ends” book. See it there on the Hit List on the right? Or maybe this post, Brrr is over there now as being popular? Cause it sure is Brrrrrr around here!

This has always been Dylan's favorite....

This has always been Dylan’s favorite…

If you like the poem a smidgen and curious about other Shel Silverstein poems you can check out a few on my Bedtime Stories page above. If you think your kids would enjoy  them, the book makes a great gift.

Readings Lucky for Me

Reading(s) Lucky For Me

Especially if you want them to like reading books and learn some things later in life.


Thank you Shel!

Have a great weekend!

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DYLANism: A Time for Giving Thanks

11/11 My whole family was around the TV on the Saturday after Thanksgiving watching a college football game. Mommy was lying on the sofa reading a book. Dylan climbed up from behind the sofa as she usually does.

Dylan was clinging on and trying to see what mommy was doing and  says, “Mommy I think your shirt is getting too little for you. “

A confused and curious mom says, “What are you talking about? This sweater fits fine.”

Dylan perks out, “No mommy, your boobies are coming out!”

We all erupted in a LMAO response.

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