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Princesses For A Day

This is the story of a man named Brady.

No wait, wrong story. This is the story of three Princesses of the Serengeti.


As noted on their plaque, they were revered for their beauty and interdependence and respect for ALL creatures. They were the prodigy of the Lion King.  

King of Somewhere Hot

King of Somewhere Hot

They loved and respected their Lion King father, as well as their majestic, Queen of the Serengeti Mother ….

Meet the Queen of the Serengeti and her Princesses

Meet the King of the Serengeti and his Princesses

Ok not so much on the respect part for these Serengeti Princesses.

(Dad lets them get away with most anything)

Yes, last weekend our annual zoo trip for our Princesses to meet up with their Princess cousin Nikki. 


It was tons of fun this year too! The first thing they had to do, once inside the gates, was to go play in the zoo playground.

Dylan 1

Come on kids! It’s the zoo!

We got to see the usual zoo residents. There were the Peacocks


And Mohawks


But Dylan missed those as she was too busy playing

Dylan 2

We saw and fed the giraffes.

Dylan's new friend

And Dylan found a new friend….

But then we lost her again….

Dylan 3

We saw a Rumble in the Jungle

But our girls, er, Princesses, had seen all this before

Is that all you got?

Is that all you got?

Everyone took a break to try and conquer the 4-story high ‘Sky High Safari’ which is a series of balance beams, rope bridges, and tight wires you traverse way high up in the air.

Dylan was a little unsure of herself in this one


She held on tight as we crossed the high rope, hanging on to hanging ropes and her bungee cord

...just how high up are we Daddy?

…just how high up are we Daddy?

Skylar took right to it though


…as she clung on to her mom for dear life


Well, we also saw a gorilla or two relaxing..

Please leave me alone....

Please leave me alone….

Luckily, while we were there it was time to feed him. And so we got to see this gentle giant use his manners for his lunch as he waited patiently for a few heads of lettuce.

Please, please, pretty please?

Please, please, pretty please?

I wish Dylan could see this. I wonder where she is hanging out now?

 Dylan 5

I tried to get the gorilla’s attention by throwing in a big wadded up ball of leaves. But he didn’t like that too much.



Maybe I shouldn’t have done that I guess. He just walked away.

I suppose I was a bad example for our Princesses. It was a good thing Dylan wasn’t here to see that. I wonder where she went? I hope she’s not getting into trouble…. 

Dylan 6

Yes our Princesses had a great time on a beautiful day. They had tons of fun. Hit new heights! And really loved being with their cousin Nikki.  


 Which is what the trip was all about.


Have a great week everyone!

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