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Live In Concert

Hello World,

We continue to be busy in 3D but I did want to try to sneak in some of the songs and performances of Dylan’s chorus event last Saturday.

First, please forgive me, I am on a hotel computer and if I stand still too long on here it logs me off.

So I have to work quick!

Second, I don’t know what I did to get a recording with out my hand shaking so bad ‘last year’ because this year my hand shakes like I’m freezing!

I found someone else recorded these songs and placed them on YouTube already but, to be honest the sound quality is not as good as what mine was on my phone. So if you want a good quality visual recording of the event click on the video below. “God Is In My Head.” a wonderful song for sure….

If you want a better sound quality recording and the spotlight on someone you may have become familiar with in 3D please click on these recordings.

The first is the cute number you got to see the girls practice last week, Let Me Fly, a gospel type song that was actually written by this year’s chorus conductor, Rollo Dilworth.

It is an awesome song and may stick with you!

(First row, 4th from the left)

My favorite number the chorus did was actually a Jazz number with some finger snapping action going on, Now’s The Time:

Another interesting piece was actually a Chinese folk song called Moh lee Hwah. I say interesting as I think the conductor and the chorus did a good job of replicating a Chinese folk song, in Chinese. (!)

(And a tribute from the lone viewer of 3D today…my Follower in China)

They actually sang a song in Latin too (but who really understands that anymore? ) Yes that one was tricky too. But come on they are singing in Chinese here.

Which leads us back the first song at the top of this post, the gospel song, God Be In My Head. And, if you can make out the actual words, it is a great song!


Be prepared…I must have been really freezing for this number, the way the camera shakes. If you get car sick you might be better off shutting your eyes for this song…

It is a fitting ending to this post, as God has blessed these young kids with a talent. One of His miracles to them. And what a fitting song as we part ways, God Be In My Head.

That is it for now knuckleheads.

I will try to do a better job next time,

Check back, as this late night blog post may change a few times as my blog proofer, seem’s to be in bed. Read more…

The making of a chorus event

Hey everyone,

It is that time again.

Once again the Choral gods have smiled down on our oldest daughter as she was selected for our state’s All State Chorus again, where a blessed select few from each elementary school in our state come together to learn and show what they can do.

Do you remember this post when it happened last year?

Not expecting much last year, I was really impressed by what the kids and the brilliant choral conductor put together last year. So it is with anticipation that this year’s event rolls in, with what I hear is an even more sought after kids coral conductor.

Last year the conductor was great with the kids. He worked with them, at their level, trying to bring out their very best.

This year it looks much the same. And while I have not seen the finished product yet I did get a glimpse of how he warms up the kids to develop their best singing skills as well as coach the young singers through each stanza in each song.

It was interesting to watch!

So if you are interested in seeing some young angels and hear how they put together their musical gift, tap on a few of the 20 second videos below.

Relax, come on in and join us..

We had to race up at the end of school to make the first practice Thursday evening. They practiced 2 1/2 hours that night!

So out of a sea of 300 little singers, how do you think we could find our little Dylan?

Found her!

The Choral gods smile on D once again and put her upfront for all our friends and family to hear.

Thank you Choral gods!

See her there?

Up front with the legs?

So, yes we have another accomplished choral conductor. That is what I hear.

Are you curious how he gets the kids to sing their best and loosen up?

Well he simply makes them think of their favorite things.

Similar to the talented Von Trapp kids, they just start with their Do-Re-Mi’s

And then there was a new version of the ABC song..

And then I got a chance to watch them practice a song or two.

Here is a song that must be called ‘Walk On By’ or “Pass On By’ or something. The conductor instructs the kids not just in their hand movements for the song but how to get the most out of the stanza and then mellow out at the end.

And here is one more try, the almost polished one (they had a lot of fun with this) …..

So yes, the parents applauded after their kids nailed that last stanza.

Which led the conductor to also teach these young Tabernacles how to accept their praise from the audience…..

Ok, so I whipped out my camera a little late for the bowing.

But they were instructed, and did practice the bowing several times.

Anyway, I hope you found that a little interesting. I am looking forward the final product tomorrow morning.

Theres a good chance you might see it yourself here sometime soon..  🙂

And, in the paraphrased words of Ed Sheeran,

“up on stage, those kids sounded Perfect tonite.”

I will see you later knuckleheads!

And try to do a better job next time..

with even less word misspellings and errant apostrophes..


We Don’t Celebrate Valentines Day at our house , Part V

Well as you may know by now, we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day at our house. We haven’t for several years.

Each year we like to take off to someplace warm for a few days and thaw out from the winter freeze.

This year we had an interruption in our plans. Dylan was nominated by her school to be in the All-State Chorus for 4th, 5th and 6th graders. Their big performance was, you guessed it, the long weekend over Valentines Day; a.k.a. our escape day.

That Valentine’s weekend she actually had to arrive for practice on a Thursday. Then, practice all day Friday with their final performance Saturday morning.

We were very proud and happy for her. Mom drove the kids up after school that day. I drove up and went in to watch them practice after work. I didn’t know what to expect.

What would you anticipate?

When I opened the doors of the First Baptist Church in Columbia, SC all I could think was Wow!

Wow! Some place special for a Chorus event.

What a huge church and what a spectacular choir loft! My whole church could fit in that choir loft I thought. I was impressed! What a cool site for this special gig for our kids!

And as I watched them practice I became equally impressed the Chorus Director. He coached. He taught. He was high energy yet patient. He spoke to the kids at their level and with some very bright ideas I thought. It turns out this was no simple choir director.

Henry Leck

Henry Leck is known world-wide for directing children’s choirs. (who knew?) He has his own children’s choirs in Indianapolis. His back ground and feats was quite lengthy and impressive! He was summed up in his introduction that day as a Rock Star in the field of children’s choirs.

And he had those kids on track!

I tried to get some on tape to remember but my worn out phone was overwhelmed. Needless to say, during the long day of practicing no child was bored or lacked focus and he brought things out of the kid’s voices they were unaware they had.

So here is the final presentation Saturday morning. Can you find little Dylan?

Hint, she’s in the second row.

In the center, 2nd row up, 5th in from the left.

In a chorus full of 174 talented young 4th, 5th and 6th graders from the state of South Carolina,

could you spot my favorite one?

Well she spotted me and my family.

And she somehow knew I had the camera up looking for her too.

Here is that picture close up….

See her now… with a big cheesy smile for her Dad

So it’s by no accident that I post one of my fav songs from the concert first, the last song in the event actually.

You see that morning, as I dropped little D off for her big day, I didn’t know how she was feeling so I offered some advice of just trying to be in the moment, enjoy it, and Have Fun!

Don’t be nervous or anxious (one child actually threw up during rehearsal on Friday). Just enjoy your day and have fun!

In this last song the kids were supposed to snap their fingers. I was kinda disappointed Dylan didn’t  join in right away. So I motioned snapping my fingers from my seat in the audience. She saw me right away and just mimicked me and snapped away!

So if you don’t think you can find little D among all these youngsters, look for the one up there swinging her arms, snapping her fingers and swaying her hips and having a good time.

That’s my lil D!

 Below is another one of my fav tunes, that actually had me tear up.

Mr. Leck was the one who chose all of the songs for the event and well-chosen they were! If you would like to see more go to my Youtube channel.

In the song below he introduces real well, especially in wake of the tragedy of the shootings in Florida that happened earlier that week….

Like I said, I didn’t know what to expect driving up for this weekend. I was their for support mainly. But the event really Wow’ed me.

Great job everyone!

It turns out this was the first time this event was held in this beautiful church with its wonderful acoustics. It was held in gymnasiums or auditoriums before. Also this was the 20th anniversary for the SC All-State Chorus. Mr. Leck directed the first one, the 10th one’ and now number 20. So I, or we all really lucked out.

Dare I say we, ‘Lecked out?’  🙂

But our Valentine’s getaway did not end there!

Next we were off to the Great Wolf Lodge; a hotel and resort built for the amusement of kids.

Oh god!

Mom told me I could hang at the gym or the bar if I got too kidded out!

And there were lots of them!

It too was a spectacular place! It reminded me kinda like a cruise. There was a massive check in Saturday, and everyone is herded into certain areas than shuffled off to other areas for other events at various times of the day.

But if you had a child, they were all smiles!

We were walking down the hallway one morning and both our girls were smiling so much they were practically gliding.

It was well done in a Montana type wolf lodge theme…

The rooms were pretty cool too. I guess they might by Suites be definition, as the kids had their own room, designed to look like they were inside a tent..with a TV (!!)

They have their own TV… I have mine!

Then, daily they had regular kid activities planned, mostly out in the lobby with the animated log cabin and a cast of characters and animals that would capture a kid’s imagination with an amusing story. Like the storytime I took Skye to that night.

She busted her way upfront and was completely engulfed in the robotics.

Skylar in the blue, front and center, waiting for the robot boy to talk again

They also have a pretty good indoor water park there!

That is the wave pool above. You can also make out some water-coasters too.

Yes, the resort may be for kids but the water Tornado was pretty exciting too as you glided half way up the walls in the down flowing currents.

swirling up the side of the Tornado

It was pretty exciting as you swirled around the sides, like riding in a giant toilet. 

But the genius part of the Great Wolf Lodge was the Magi and Shadow Quest games that turned the hotel into an enormous treasure hunt activity.

Trust me, there were lots more kids in these hallways than this.

You’ll buy, er, chose a magic wand, top it with extra powers as you find and capture certain magical runes. Then set off on a quest to battle Charlock, the evil dragon, once you have accumulated all the mystical powers needed. You immerse yourself in Vellara, a realm of enchantment, as you befriend the Treetop Pixies, to give them their magical powers back then return special gems to Ursa Major (in order) to restore that bear back to the constellations.

Well, Ursa is when we ran out of time.

We completed about 14 such quests to get to help Ursa, becoming Master Magi(s) status along the way.

You get to decide how much time you want to spend with Magi-Quest, depending on how many quests you undertake at a time. Play can last anywhere from 30 minutes to three hours, er, all evening, as you go for more and more mystical Runes with the aid of your magi-wand and deciphering the clues on where to find these powers. You can always take a break and come back later.

Using their acquired powers to defeat the dragon

Now these clues for each now Rune (level) were hidden or riddled on three different floors. You usually had to find 5-7 items (treasure hunt) in order to acquire the new power, or Rune. One crystal would be at one side of the hotel, the next crystal on the other side of the hotel, then upstairs to the other side for a painting and then across to the other….

It truly captured (dozens of) kid’s imaginations as they raced through the halls (with their parents) to find the next secret.

They would play, tirelessly, for hours at a time. There seemed to be no end to it.

Their imaginations would be captured any given part of the day and energies worn down to zero.. so they could sleep well through the night.


making the Red Crystals glow with her Magi Wand. It actually needed to glow Green.. “the crystal glows green if you’ve found all that you need. IF it glows Red you can not proceed.

Add to it the instructions asked you not to use the elevator in the middle of the resort but the stairwells on the sides  (ahhhh!!!)

What a workout!

You had a list of clues on where to find all the crystals or amulets or paintings BUT not all information was given (like the Pixie Crystal above). Somethings you had to figure out for yourself!

Or ask the kid that was a step ahead of you what they did.

To defeat the dragon you needed a Powerful Shield, the Frozen Arrow, and the Freezing Spell; three items not easy to come by!

figuring out how to awaken and defeat the Dragon

The order of the Symbols is critical here.

Down the Forgotten Hallway you will find them.

Within a Great Painting these symbols appear.

You will be better served to mind them.”

But what they didn’t tell you is you had to offer these symbols in a certain order at the opening of the Dragon’s gate, plus one symbol not mentioned, to proceed just to wake him up to battle; otherwise he never knew you were there.


Like I said, a great place to be a kid.

As for me, MY special delight was….. are you sitting down…..


delivered right to your door in the morning for a breakfast!

This must be what heaven is like!

3D Breakfast…Donuts Delivered to my Door in the morning

So that is where we spent this year’s Valentines Day vacay.

Wonderful singing, fancy hotel rooms, over-chlorinated pools, magical story times, magical quests, and Dunkin Donuts delivered right to my door.

I think this beats Jamaica.

Photo Op ~ yes the kids were all smiles!

Have a great week knuckleheads!

I’ll try to do better next time!

Today only comes around once in a life time. Make it AMAZING!

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