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Live In Concert

Hello World,

We continue to be busy in 3D but I did want to try to sneak in some of the songs and performances of Dylan’s chorus event last Saturday.

First, please forgive me, I am on a hotel computer and if I stand still too long on here it logs me off.

So I have to work quick!

Second, I don’t know what I did to get a recording with out my hand shaking so bad ‘last year’ because this year my hand shakes like I’m freezing!

I found someone else recorded these songs and placed them on YouTube already but, to be honest the sound quality is not as good as what mine was on my phone. So if you want a good quality visual recording of the event click on the video below. “God Is In My Head.” a wonderful song for sure….

If you want a better sound quality recording and the spotlight on someone you may have become familiar with in 3D please click on these recordings.

The first is the cute number you got to see the girls practice last week, Let Me Fly, a gospel type song that was actually written by this year’s chorus conductor, Rollo Dilworth.

It is an awesome song and may stick with you!

(First row, 4th from the left)

My favorite number the chorus did was actually a Jazz number with some finger snapping action going on, Now’s The Time:

Another interesting piece was actually a Chinese folk song called Moh lee Hwah. I say interesting as I think the conductor and the chorus did a good job of replicating a Chinese folk song, in Chinese. (!)

(And a tribute from the lone viewer of 3D today…my Follower in China)

They actually sang a song in Latin too (but who really understands that anymore? ) Yes that one was tricky too. But come on they are singing in Chinese here.

Which leads us back the first song at the top of this post, the gospel song, God Be In My Head. And, if you can make out the actual words, it is a great song!


Be prepared…I must have been really freezing for this number, the way the camera shakes. If you get car sick you might be better off shutting your eyes for this song…

It is a fitting ending to this post, as God has blessed these young kids with a talent. One of His miracles to them. And what a fitting song as we part ways, God Be In My Head.

That is it for now knuckleheads.

I will try to do a better job next time,

Check back, as this late night blog post may change a few times as my blog proofer, seem’s to be in bed.

Have a great weekend and sing like nobody’s listening!

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6 thoughts on “Live In Concert

  1. You did a great job. Beautiful singing x

  2. I love the first video. Under the sun it is here, it’s happiness … Thank you for sharing

  3. Oui, I am fine too! Have a great weekend Amelie!

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