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DYLANism: A Night At The Smithsonian

Last summer, when we visited Ocean City New Jersey, we planned on stopping at the Smithsonians in DC on the way home. Mom thought they might be interesting for the girls. To entice the girls into seeing one or two Smithsonians we actually went out an found a book, Awesome Adventures At The Smithsonian.

A Night At The SmithsonianBringing the story to up to date, a few days ago Dylan and I were paging through this wonderful book. We stopped in the Flight section. One thing led to another and we started talking about hot air balloons and zeppelins.

I tried to explain this was the only way people could fly years ago, before there were air planes. Dylan grasped the idea of a hot air balloon but not the scale or magnificence of a zeppelin.

Undaunted I whipped out my cell phone to do search for one. Thinking of the only zeppelin that came to mind, I tried to find a video of the Hindenburg.

Well the video played on and the disaster was apparent. The news reel announcer started talking of all the people that were killed so I thought to find another example of a zeppelin, the Goodyear Blimp instead.

Much better choice!

So last night after dinner Dylan asked to see the video of the Badyear Blimp.

I said no, “No Dylan it is is the Goodyear Blimp.”

She cries, “No daddy I want to see the video of the Badyear Blimp!

Puzzled, I thought for a second but then put ‘video’ and ‘Bad Year’ together to realize what Dylan meant.

She meant the video of the Hindenburg! She really was quite fascinated by this Badyear Blimp.

Earlier that same week Dylan and I were paging through the same Smithsonian book. Dylan wanted to stop and learn about the dresses of the First Ladies of the US. This section showed dresses worn by various First Ladies throughout history, showing not only the style but the personalities of these First Ladies.

The First Lady

The next page showed a Job Description of the First Ladies. I told Dylan the First Ladies have to help the President, welcome very important guests to the White House, support some causes and connect with people.

So Dylan asks, “What is a First Lady?”

I told her the First Lady is married to the President of our United States. Its a very important position!


Next came a little quiz to test the comprehension of the reader to the book.

1. Would you want the job of the First Lady? 

Dylan = “Yes”

2. What do you think would be some of the fun things about being the First Lady?

Dylan= Get to drive a car and get to eat Marshmallows by yourself!

3. What do you think would be the worst part about being the First Lady?

Dylan= Being Married!

So there you have it! Dylan longs to grow up because she can drive a car, eat marshmallows whenever she wants and stay away from boys!

Good Ideas Dylan! Good Ideas.

Want another marshmallow?

I took Dylan to school this week to find the teacher asked her class to write a very important New Year Resolution for this year. Their declarations were hanging outside the class in the hall.

Mom, you are going like this….

new years resolution

That’s right, this year Dylan pledges to ‘make her bed‘ as her New Year Resolution! Is she a cool kid or what? Mommy and daddy had absolutely no input on her choice what so ever.

And so far….she has kept her promise in the morning before school, making her bed everyday.

Have another Marshmallow Dylan!

If you want to find other amazing DYLANisms check out my link in the margin for some of the incredible insights that have left the girl’s mouth over the last 4 years.

I hope all your New Years Resolutions are still on track too!

Thanks for looking in 3D!


Stop the presses, Stop the presses, Stop the presses ~ This just in!

This came in the mail today:

High 5

Atta girl Dylan! Hmmmm? Writing skills develop. ..maybe a future Guest Post in 3D?

Here’s my Happy Friday Song to kickoff your weekend…

Wiggle and shake around like you just don’t care!

Make this come true!

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