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Good Grief, Charlie Brown!


Yes, so sorry nothing original has crept across this blog in a few weeks. It’s beginning to look like Turner Classic Movies with the reblogging of all the classics. While I have done a few guest posts for other’s blog sites recently, I know I have done very little here to keep you entertained. Sorry bud! 

My creativity has just been zapped. All the details and processes of selling this darn house has me focusing on that instead of funny anecdotes from two cute kids. 

We are ready to embark on the house prep to help sell this money pit we live in. Next week the painters come in to paint our living room, hallways, and master bedroom. Which means this weekend we have to ‘move out’ of those rooms and jam the furniture, TV (!) and computer (!!!) in the garage for a week.  Ugh! Our house is settling and our contractor is trying to disguise some of those signs too. Is that wrong of me? 

With the house continuing to settle, or sink, I actually went underneath the house last weekend to see what’s going on. I noticed that the two main beams in the middle of the house (girders), that it sits on are actually splintering where they are coming in contact with the cement piers they rest on. I am no contractor but that doesn’t look good. So I guess I’ll have to repair them too if I expect anyone to buy this beast. 

Monday was our annual termite inspection to maintain our termite bond (insurance). This past summer I built a new flagstone patio behind my house, tearing down the old, rotting wooden deck. The termite guys says I tore up all his treatment. He needs $300 for him to come out and retreat that whole back side on my house in order to maintain my termite bond; a necessity in these parts to sell a house.  Yes, the house was not the only backside getting treated there it felt like! Everyone is trying to get one more piece of me it feels. 


Then, yesterday when I woke up, I had no hot water. (!!!) Yes, you guessed it, the hot water heater decided to quit while we slept. So, I had to fork out another $800 so that we could shower this morning. If you are wondering, no, I did not take a shower yesterday before I went to work. I held my head under an icy waterfall from the shower head in order to cultivate some image of ‘freshness’ before I hit work. 

What’s next? 

That’s the feeling as I went to bed last night and listened to some rain water drip somewhere from yesterday’s storms. Was the dripping inside or out? 

Some not-so-bad news, new neighbors moved in yesterday. They have a 5 year old little girl than can be playmates with my two cherubs. Nothing wrong with that, right? 


So, as I sit here, waiting for another shoe to drop, or get inserted, I wonder what else? And if that doesn’t sound inspiring, you are right. I could use a little love! 

Would anyone want to do a guest post here until I can find something fun to tell you?

 I’d like to keep this blog with a pulse; or else WordPress might ask for more money to keep it alive. (sigh)

Any donations would greatly be appreciated!

Pass the hat around

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