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First Grade for the First Week

Or is it, “First Week in the First Grade?”

I am in the process of finishing up the planning our summer family vacation coming in September. Yes, I know. I am late. We were busy…

Its more like ‘Cheap’ as the prices and crowds / lines go down after every other 6 year old is on school. Right? And since planning a Disney Cruise in the Caribbean during the height of hurricane season is kinda like planning Russian Roulette (you just can’t reason with hurricane season), I opted for Dad’s our girl’s tried and true vacation spot of summer vacations past, Ocean City, New Jersey.

Do you remember Skylar’s first adventure on a miniature golf course there…

So on the way to school today I was trying to see how stoked Dylan was about making this trip up to a kid’s magical Wonderland again.


So I asked, “Dylan, have you thought much about our trip up to Ocean City, NJ yet?”

She replies, “No.  Not so much, I would rather go to school instead.”

Wait! (sound of brakes screeching!)

Who are you and what have you done with my daughter?

Yes, it is the first week of school around here this week. Dylan started her first day of First Grade on Tuesday. She was a trooper!

Dressed for her first day of First Grade

Dressed for her first day of First Grade; complete with her favorite Tangled Diary

Even though all of her friends, I mean every last one of  ’em, was in a different class this year, she still was eager to start. And you know how hard making new friends can be sometimes for kids on the first day of school.

Sure enough, she did not even make it until 1:00pm on that very first day before I received an email from her teacher. It read:


Hi Dylan’s Parents!  I wanted to email you and let you know that Dylan is having a great first day!  She is such a helper! There was a child outside that was very scared to start first grade and apparently she knew him.  She told me she knew him and asked if I would like her to talk to him.  So sweet!  I’m looking forward to teaching her this year!  I’ll speak with you soon!

Looks like she is starting the school year off on the right foot. (Mommy was a teacher’s pet too. Not Daddy…. but Mommy sure was). I do hope she decides to join us on our trip I am planning to Ocean City and not stay in stinky ol’ school instead. Her grandparents will be so disappointed if she doesn’t join us.

“But Daddy, how else am I going to get to the second grade?

And get that college scholarship you keep talking about me needing?

I love school thiiiis much

I love school thiiiis much

 So next stop is Ocean City, New Jersey. I will let you know what she decides to do and what surprises I may have in store for her and her sister along the way. 


I have an important 1 year anniversary coming up too.

Stay tuned…


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