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Family Fun Fitness

Yesterday the girls got a x-tra big package in the mail from one of their very special friends and Grandmother. It was such welcome surprise and the girls got to practice opening some Christmas gifts early. They were over joyed! Thanks ladies..we love you!

I wanted to talk about some ideas we have to keep our girls fit and healthy. Both girls have always been very busy and Dylan will probably be a runner when she gets older. One thing I do to encourage her is take her to some fun local 5K races. She actually loves them and asks lots of questions. And wants to race me.

She also loves to ride her bike and is quite good at it. We have taken bike rides to the library, her favorite restaurant, and to get desserts. Since I have been staying at home she rides her bike to the park and I follow with our 18mth in the running stroller. ~she can wear me out! And thanks Danielle for some motivational running ideas from your blog to keep me going. I need them!

Similarly, I joined a local MeetUp group of stay at home moms that meet at various parks in the area. Our favorite is a big park where the girls just run and climb and swing! By the time I get home they are napping! It is a regular weekly activity that they look forward too where they can make new friends and be active the way kids should be.

One final thought I have goes back to yesterday’s TWD post on saving money. I wanted to add I do not throw out the milk in the milk sippies that the girls lay down. If they are recent sippies I just made I just put them back in the frig. The reason is two-fold, it saves money on milk consumption (the refrigerator stops the bacteria process) and I just don’t have to wash so many sippies all the time. Geez! These girls can put away some juice and chocolate (milk)!

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2 thoughts on “Family Fun Fitness

  1. Thanks for saying so Ms. Laura! Jess did some amazing things with the girls and I miss having a live photographer in the house! I have to preface…”If we can” we will try to get her to say Hello to you over the Holidays. Its hard, she shy’s up for even her grandparents on the phone now. Maybe you can enlist Jessica to help? Or drop by if you get to town?

    Its nice to hear from you! Take care!


  2. Laura Hayes on said:

    Andy, Sabrina….
    Thank you so much for sending this to me. I have enjoyed reading the blog and looking at new pictures of your girls. They have grown so much and are absolutely adorable. I think about Dylan alot. I still have the pictures that Jessica took of her displayed in our home. I used to love getting those calls that said “Hi Wa Wa”. I hope she still enjoys Curious George. Thank you again for sending to me and I will look forward to reading up on them and your family as often as possible!! I enjoyed the money saving tips too!

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