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Now its time for some dirt…

First I have to preface this blog. Its kinda dirty! In fact, its not at all professional, like the image I am trying to create here. Its just a warning, proceed with caution.

I think I told you the girls got an exciting package in the mail Monday from some of their special friends. It was filled with all sorts of gifts and  Christmas stockings (Dylan calls then ‘socks’) just packed with toys and stickers.

Well one of the toys Dylan got was a super cool toy watch with Tinker Bell on the face. When you open the watch up it becomes a pool of lip gloss for kids. She loved it!

Well yesterday afternoon I came out and our 18mth had the sparkly lavender gloss all over her face! It turns out she liked it too. Literally! She ate what little bit of lip gloss goop she didn’t get all over her face! And she just smiled like nothing was wrong.

And where was I?        

I was checking behind Dylan as she had just offered a daddy size dookie in the crapper! It is truly amazing what comes out of this girl sometimes! And I am not talking “DYLANism” here! Its sooo good she is out of diapers!

Sorry…you were warned.

So with dirty messes in mind, I wanted to offer a Daddy Day Dare tip #1 for cleaning up messes. These are my MUST HAVES for taking care of toddlers. Anybody who has had toddlers before knows your house will never be absolutely clean again! But these items can help keep your clean up times to a minimum.

The first MUST HAVE is the Magic Eraser. This thing works just like an eraser in school but it ‘erases’ all sorts of marks, graffiti and damage done to walls, tables and furniture. It removes the pen marks, crayons, dried food stains and most markers cleaners can’t. Truly magic! It has saved these kids several times from being forced to get a job to replace a piece of furniture. I was not a believer at first but now I am. Its cheap and easy and does not require water to clean. Magic!

But I think this blog is long enough today. Check back tomorrow as I clean this mess up with MUST HAVE tips #2 and 3.

And remember, if you like what you heard…spread the word… Our Life In 3D. Thanks!

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2 thoughts on “Now its time for some dirt…

  1. OMG!! Chemicals? The girls are drawing on the 2 old ‘erasers’ we have now! Dylan says she could make them look like Sponge Bob! And I used it to get the dried lip gloss out of our little one’s hair yesterday! What a no-no…

    So you know Sheldon… that was all sarcasm..

    Thanks for the post FavSisNLaw! I missed the pics. ..its was crunch time! We still have the “Princess” cell phone with lip gloss inside. I can smear some on ‘er again and take a pic if you want?

  2. Fave Sister In Law on said:

    I love the Magic Easer. Just make sure to keep it out of reach of your “little helpers.” The chemicals that make it magic, also give chemical burns to that baby fine skin. Make sure to wear gloves, if you are gonna use it for an extended amount of time.

    Hope of got pics of our Next Top Model in all of her beauty with the lipgloss. Looking forward to the next post! 🙂

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