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Wash away the old…..

Yesterday I was dressing Dylan. I found a warm shirt for her and then a matching pair of pants. She came back to me about an hour later. She stood in front of me sad because the pair of pants she was wearing did not go all the way down to her feet (they were too small).

And she says, “Daddy I think I am too small for these pants!” I knew what she meant. It was my mistake. I thought the pants might have been a pair of capris or something. Haven’t I told you I need help dressing these kids?

So Mommy gets home and she looks at Dylan and then looks at me and then looks back to Dylan and asks, “Dylan who dressed you today child?” Maybe I need to reevaluate my dressing standards? Wash away the old and open up to some new ones.

Speaking of, it is the beginning of the year again and I hear a lot about new resolutions or changes. It is that time of year. I am not averse to the resolutions. I think it’s a great idea! Only I have not been one for making resolutions for several years.

My history was the resolutions were a good idea in January but often forgotten by Valentines day. I never wrote them down or made a plan. I am a procrastinator after all! I do my best work under pressure. Well, that may be OK in school and maybe allowed sometimes at work but when it comes making changes in ones life, waiting until the last minute is NOT the way to go.

I once held a favorite quote at work….

“Goals are just wishes, unless we make a plan.”

There’s always a lot of people saying, “I wish I could stop smoking”. Or, “I want to lose weight.” Until you commit to it, and make a plan, it will be nothing better than a Christmas wish. If these same people are serious they would make a plan, write it down, and use it as a benchmark for their progress in attaining their goal.

A few weeks ago I read a great post by Leadership Freak, Dan Rockwell   about building the future. I wish I had time to write all of it here.  He starts off with:
  “The past is the future for most of us. We cling to misguided notions that persistence, endurance, and more of the same will result in a new future. It won’t. “

The quote reminded me of the saying, “ If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got. So, wash away the old and start fresh in 2012 with some brash, concrete ideas, written down.

Dan suggests an idea for changes in his conclusion:

“Focus on your values. Creating a new future is disruptive and disorienting. Determine three or four guiding ideals. Without them, you’re adrift.”

Guiding ideals = benchmarks. I think you should write them down, so you don’t waiver from them and keep you focused on your initial goal.

One final thought that came to mind about turning resolutions into reality was an article I read back in college on management. It was from the Time Management author, Dr. Ken Blanchard, entitled, “Achievement Doesn’t Depend On Talent.”

He poses the question, “What does it take to be a high achiever?”

In his article Dr. Blanchard says, “high achievers are different; they have a plan. …If you have a goal, you’re bound to be heading upwards. Study after study, book after book, all say the same thing about high achievers. They have clear goals and are focused on what they want.”

So I want to conclude with Dr. Blanchard’s conclusion, “This is as good a time as any to set goals for yourself. Decide where you want to go and how you want to get their. Such a strategy will definitely improve your odds of success.”

So stick to those resolutions my friends! Write them down and make a plan. Its really nice being surrounded by all you successful people!


Let us know in the comments. We are all here to help

I hafta go dress my little girls now. Hmmmm? Dylan just came over dressed as Tinker Bell!

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4 thoughts on “Wash away the old…..

  1. Good Luck with your goal Derek! That’s awesome. Yes, the kids are better at dressing themselves than I am I guess. Except our youngest one can’t reach the hangers just yet. She’s still stuck with me….

  2. The big goal is to finish my Master’s Degree. I am almost done. You are right, though, you need a plan to get there. I leave dressing the kids to either my wife or the kids can figure it out.

  3. Was that “Men in Hats” that did that song? I want to see ‘on stage’ video! ~ you’ll be so much better than me. Thanks for dropping in and signing our book Tyler! We want Safety Dance updates!

  4. i hope to finally learn what the real safety dance is and do it to the song on stage at a (insert 80s band here) concert.

    big dreams.

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