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Spending time with a Little Mermaid…

First, I want to ask for some help from all you bloggers. The Spam Man has found me. My Askimets picking up several every 30 minutes. It caught 42 from the time I went to bed until the time I woke up. It appears the spammer is hiding the spam mostly on image pages. Has anyone ever run into this? How might I find a ‘text box’ to only find the human ‘commenters’ from the computer ‘commenters’? Any and all help here is appreciated!

I didn’t want to detract from a very special day here in 3D as we have a special guest to talk with. Ariel, from the Little Mermaid has agreed to an interview today. Ariel has been the best friend of my 3 year old for over two years now. In fact, they go practically everywhere together, from running errands to going to bed.

Dylan is blessed to have Ariel’s posse, or tag-along friends too, Prince Eric and King Triton. Before they all became such good friends they were actually known as ‘Doll’, ‘Bunny’, and’ Bear’, favorites from back when they used to “hang at her crib”. I find the cast doesn’t always talk to me so I may have to use Dylan as middle ‘mer-person’. OK?

Meet, Eric, Ariel, and King Triton respectively

First I wanted to ask Ariel, do you like it better living on land or in the water?

“In the water”

Why do you prefer the water.?

“Because. No, wait…because Eric lives on a boat.”

Well if you live in the water Ariel, and Eric lives on a boat, how do you get to spend time together?

The Mer-Matchmaker

“They are getting married!”

I see. How do you feel about that Eric?

“It’s OK”.        

Hmmm. Well Eric, what’s it like having a wife that lives in the water and you live on a ship? Doesn’t that make it hard on a marriage? Wouldn’t it be better if she lived with you on the ship?

“Oh, yes, yes, yes!”
King Triton, dad, do you enjoy having Ariel living in the water with you?

“Yes, I like Ariel the best!”

Aren’t you worried about something bad happening to Ariel, like Ursula taking Ariel again?

“No, because Ursula doesn’t like King Triton. And he dropped his sword in the ocean.”

That helps?

“It’s his ocean.”

Ariel, when was the last time you got a chance to see Sebastian?

“On TV!”

Can you tell me what is so special about being a mermaid?

“I get to swim in the sea with Eric and King Triton!”

So that ends our interview with our celebrity guest star. ~ they ALL just moved closer to the TV as Scooby Doo is coming on. Thanks for the interview everyone!

I am sorry it was not more interactive but it was still very early here and I don’t think the sugar has kicked in yet (in all of us). It is a brief look at mornings here in Daddy’s Day Dare. I am slowly tip-toeing further and further away from reality I am afraid!

If YOU would like to pose a question to one of our in-house celebrities please do and I will be happy to ask one of them. If you have a special character at your house maybe this would be a good way for them to ask Ariel a question too, being the Disney Princess that she is.

Ask as yourself, or for the cartoon character at your home. Just please be a real person and not a computer, trying to feed us some more spam! Or Peggy with Discover….

Ariel, how do you feel about spam?

“Oh I just give it to Eric.”

She’s learning, isn’t she?

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2 thoughts on “Spending time with a Little Mermaid…

  1. We have that Robin Hood movie to, and she likes it a lot. I don’t know why she is just taken on the Lil mermaid, other than a babysitter we had gave her the book. But Yes, Big John was a character in that movie. It seems like Disney planned a whole series of movies with a lil John in them, i.e. Jungle Book and the bear.

    Thanks for stopping in LSCG! I think you do great work at your place!

  2. “It’s his ocean.” Well, OBVIOUSLY. They’re so decisive at that age! Perhaps she thought spam was referring to the lunch meat?

    Never could stand The Little Mermaid, my favorite Disney movie was the animated Robin Hood with the foxes. Although, I realized when I showed it to the kiddies that I had forgotten about the scene where Little John dresses up in drag. He stuffs his bra with coins and flirts a bit….let’s just say, the whole thing’s kinda uncomfortable and leave it at that.

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