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DYLANism: a learning experience

Our two year old was in her bedroom. Mommy was trying to undress her and get her PJ’s on. Resisting all of Mom’s coaching, our two year old finally threw something at her sister.

Mommy immediately corrected Skylar saying, “There is no throwing things in the house” as she smacked Skylar’s hand. Skylar instantly began to cry.

Dylan, being the great and caring big sister that she has been, walked over to the wailing Skylar. In a comforting manner, she patted her little sister’s hand and told her, “Life’s tough sweetie.”

This girl is ALL heart. Have a great weekend everyone!

Psychologist is in 5 cents please

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6 thoughts on “DYLANism: a learning experience

  1. I was greeted with a festival of ‘body slams’ as I lay in bed. I am beginning to regret showing that girl this. Before long the 25lb younger one is throwing herself on me from across the bed, laughing the whole time. I loved it. It was a treat spending time with them and wrestling and body slams and giggles. I got up and Dylan says, “No, daddy don’t’ go”. So we started all over again. I hope your day was a grand slam too!

  2. Very cute! Happy Father’s Day, Andy!! Hope you had a great day w/ your great gals!! 🙂

  3. Bring it Aunt Charity! The girls are on the way to the beach right now. These girls have it sooooo “tough”!

  4. You are right, it is hard sometimes. I find myself wanting to scold her and smiling at the same time. Now can a 4 year old, who has been spoiled all week by her aunt ever get a glimpse of “life being tough”?

  5. Fave sis-n-law on said:

    Love it! She is so grown.
    Plan is to see yall next weekend! Are you ready for us???

  6. Sounds like she is very intelligent. How could you ever get upset with her when she can come back with such well though out answers?

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