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3D Batteries

Hello out there! Sorry I have been absent for so long. I know I have been out of touch awhile. Never fear fearless bloggers I am still reading your good stuff, although it has been a fast, stealth-like method lately; in and out. Keep up your good work!

To all friends, family and followers I am sorry I have been out of touch. I know by now you must be starving for some updates on these two spectacular girls of ours. So here are some quick, bullet-point updates over the past few weeks:

  • Dylan counted to 100 the other day, all by herself. She continues to impress us with her smarts and fantastic memory. It won’t be long until she will be making fun of MY memory, not just Mom.
  • Aunt Sue is coming down for a week this weekend so that means hundreds of new pictures for you to see how much these toddlers are growing up into little girls (sigh).
  • Each of the girls are enjoying VBS this week. They actually ask to go. Are we parents that bad to be around? The second day there one of the instructors came up to me and said that Dylan was going to be a great mommy. I said, “How?” She said Dylan was trying to keep Skylar from roaming around too much out of there class room. She finally stopped beside her instructor, threw her hands on her hips with a frustrated sigh and said, “I just can’t control the girl.” Know what you mean kiddo!

  • 12 new kids moved next door to us for the summer. All are older than our girls but they have someone to play with. Last Sunday night we helped them set up a nice above ground pool. They better be checking that Ph with 12 little kids in there!

  • On the way to VBS tonight Dylan said, “Daddy I was wrong” She may be the first female I have ever heard say that, showing, again, how truly progressive she is.  🙂  Just kidding ladies!
  • We rode bikes to our favorite restaurant last week. It is about 4 miles round trip and Dylan is still in her training wheels. She is a go-getter though and made it there with no problem. On the way home she got the post-lunch sleepies and quit about half way. I had to put her in the kids seat on the back of my bike and hoist her little bike over my shoulder and ride with both the rest of the way. I guess we need some more training for that girl!

Our favorite restaurant manager and Dylan’s adopted Mom at Texas Roadhouse

  • Skylar knows her colors now and most numbers. She can count to 10 all by herself. Most of all she is asserting her independence in her never ending cries to, “Let me do it! Let me do it!” She still loves her swing.

She can name all the colors

That’s about it for now knuckleheads. I will try to do better next time. I have a few ideas to write about. I just need to find some batteries for some more energy and a wee more time. As always, thanks for dropping by!

~  Andy


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8 thoughts on “3D Batteries

  1. yes 12 boys and girls spending the summer with their grandparents. Can you imagine? A few of the kids are kinda rough but a few a really good kids too. One 12 year old girl really took a shine to Dylan. Be well too my friend…..my chips and salsa are getting stolen by our kids. You see, they texted me and said I had a message on WordPress.

  2. WooHoo! Great to “see” you Andy! 12-kids next door – holy cow! That sounds like too much fun. Your girls are lovely. Thanks for the update. Be well.

  3. Lol yes, I guess you have! Maybe you can just help mommy with the girls….in the nice A/C

  4. Fave sis-n-law on said:

    I’ve had my fill of construction to last 2 lifetimes. I’ll supervise though 😉

  5. Cafe, its not a dumb question. Its Vacation Bible School; something the churches put on for kids for a week after school gets out. Kinda like a Christian daycare for parents one week before they kids are home for the summer. However our church did it at night. Thanks for stopping by mi amiga! I hope to have more pics later this week. We’ll be going to the beach lots this week if you wanna drop on by….

  6. Heya! Glad to see you back, if only for a moment 🙂
    What’s VBS, btw? I hope that’s not a dumb question.
    Thanks for sharing more beautiful pics of your kids. So cute!!

  7. Lets do it! Tell that little Nikki Uncle Andy wants to see her in some waves and teach her to ride some waves on the raft. Dylan actually said, during breakfast this morning, “Daddy, I like the waves now.” So I might need some help out there with everyone! Hurray on down Fav sis in Law! …you can help stir some cement for the patio 🙂

  8. Fave sis-n-law on said:

    About time 🙂 where are my babies???? And who are these little girls? Too fast. We plan to try to come down for the weekend in a couple of weeks. Nikki said she wants uncle andy to take her in the deep water with the waves.

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