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Oh, To Be A Kid Again, and other Tricks or Treats

Have you ever noticed all the joy kids have from gifts and just things that make them happy in general? This Halloween was no exception. Our Princess and Pumpkin would wander up to a neighbor’s door and come away running with a smile on their face.  Can you remember those days? How long has it been since something made you so happy it left you running for joy? Hmmmm?

To laugh like a kid you can’t take yourself toooo seriously!

Where have those days gone? Have we changed or just those good times? Kids don’t have these issues. Just watch them run and chase each other and giggle and laugh at the same time. I guess I would look kinda silly doing that these days, huh? I certainly am not a  kid any more. If I didn’t know now what I didn’t know then.

Sorry, just a thought.

Want to relive those Halloweens again? Here is a quick video of our girls trick or treating.  They start off slow, actually too shy or uneasy to go up to a door and ‘trick or treat’. So I tried to slip them into their comfort zone.

I told them why don’t you go up to the door and show them your scarey monster face! That is something we see night and day around here.

Know what? it worked. It mighta caught some of our neighbors off guard too! They racked up the treats and left them ‘running with joy’.  We let them sample some goodies when they got home and found enough energy to bounce off the furniture, literally, before bed. Take a look:

See what I mean about the running with joy as a kid? Can you remember that feeling? I have a confession……I actually do run like a kid when I feel like that. But I am usually playing with my girls when I ‘do the running’ and laughing and chasing. To feel like a kid you have to play like a kid. Its something we do real good at our house! How about you?

How long has it been since you played like a kid?

This is sooo me…

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