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Oh, To Be A Kid Again, and other Tricks or Treats

Have you ever noticed all the joy kids have from gifts and just things that make them happy in general? This Halloween was no exception. Our Princess and Pumpkin would wander up to a neighbor’s door and come away running with a smile on their face.  Can you remember those days? How long has it been since something made you so happy it left you running for joy? Hmmmm?

To laugh like a kid you can’t take yourself toooo seriously!

Where have those days gone? Have we changed or just those good times? Kids don’t have these issues. Just watch them run and chase each other and giggle and laugh at the same time. I guess I would look kinda silly doing that these days, huh? I certainly am not a  kid any more. If I didn’t know now what I didn’t know then.

Sorry, just a thought.

Want to relive those Halloweens again? Here is a quick video of our girls trick or treating.  They start off slow, actually too shy or uneasy to go up to a door and ‘trick or treat’. So I tried to slip them into their comfort zone.

I told them why don’t you go up to the door and show them your scarey monster face! That is something we see night and day around here.

Know what? it worked. It mighta caught some of our neighbors off guard too! They racked up the treats and left them ‘running with joy’.  We let them sample some goodies when they got home and found enough energy to bounce off the furniture, literally, before bed. Take a look:

See what I mean about the running with joy as a kid? Can you remember that feeling? I have a confession……I actually do run like a kid when I feel like that. But I am usually playing with my girls when I ‘do the running’ and laughing and chasing. To feel like a kid you have to play like a kid. Its something we do real good at our house! How about you?

How long has it been since you played like a kid?

This is sooo me…

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6 thoughts on “Oh, To Be A Kid Again, and other Tricks or Treats

  1. HI Mariflies, Thank you for stopping by and spending a little Halloween with our kids! I know you have been busy as I have been following you across the Pacific. How big were those mosquitoes…that you needed to knock ’em down with electricity? And you are teaching now? Awesome…under a whole new set of circumstances! So you must be staying put there for a while after globetrotting half way around the world. I enjoy following you and your family’s exploits. I wish you the best in Taiwan!

  2. Great post! Thanks for sharing the video of your daughters. I miss those days and we can always use a good reminder to find the little things to be happy about 🙂

  3. I noticed the skipping too. That’s why to I thought of the post that I did. Its fun to watch the happiness.It would be nice if John and Marty can make it to OCNJ.

  4. We had a GREAT time…if I could just get them over their ‘shyness’. the party really started after we got home. Glad to hear you and your kids made out OK too. Tough, hardy and adaptive you folks are in NY. (did you get any good goodies?)

  5. Who doesn’t love Halloween? What a glorious world we live in when one night a year kids can knock at strangers’ doors and get a piece of a candy! Looks like (you and) your gals had a great time. Glad to see it! Thankfully, we did too. North Easterners are a tough breed and as hoped, they rallied for kids and Halloween, with or without electricity.

  6. smccleaf1@comcast.net on said:


    We all enjoyed this video.  I liked it as much or more than last year because I enjoyed watching Dylan skip away from every house.  She seemed so happy to get the candy that it was better than Christmas for her.   will watch it over and over.  Only seen it twice so far because we took John out for his birthday dinner and now I’m watching Silas Redd.  Just got back and I’ve seen him run in 2 td’s, and they are still losing.

    We also agree with you that OCNJ appears to have weathered the storm damage.  Don’t know if houses had water damage or not, but the water did look like it formed on the streets leading from the beach.  From what I saw though, I feel confident that the boardwalk  and it’s rides will be open til we get there.  John seems to think now that Marty and the girls are a go at this point.  Marty said something to him about it briefly in the last week.  Thanks again for the video and the ones of OC!!!!


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