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26 Acts Of Kindness

I was watching TV late last night when NBC  told us about news of one of their own, Ann Curry. Ms. Curry decided to do something about the tragedy that occurred in Newtown, Conn.


I don’t want to rehash this too much as I am sure we have all dealt with this sad day enough privately. That day created feelings in me of “enough is enough” and “if this isn’t enough to make sweeping policy changes what would it take”, along with prayers for the victims and their family and friends.

I too have gotten caught up in the Christmas wave of to-do lists, good feelings, and preparations. I have not written those letters I intended to write.

TIME 100 Gala, TIME'S 100 Most Influential People In The World - Red Carpet

And then I saw this story on Anne Curry’s impulsive tweet:

“Imagine if we all committed 20 acts of kindness to honor the lost children of Newtown..(or 26 acts, including the heroic teachers.) I’m in. A growing number on Twitter are in. #20Acts #26Acts What do you think FB friends? If yes, share!”

As I found out last night, Anne’s thoughtful tweet has grown viral, turning into a world wide phenomena.

The idea is simple (courtesy of NPR):

‘Do “26 acts of kindness” — one for each of the 20 children and six adults killed last Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

Since NBC News’ Ann Curry tweeted that idea earlier this week, it’s taken off. Thousands have tweeted back to her about things they’ve done.

— Donating trees.

— Delivering meals.

— Anonymously leaving money for a co-worker who’s struggling.

— Helping a stranger who’s short on cash in the check-out line.

— Donating frequent flier miles to Make A Wish.

You get the idea.’

There’s a 26 Acts of Kindness page on Facebook. It’ has more than 31,500 “likes. That number equates to nearly a million Acts of Kindness.

Tens of thousands of people on Twitter and Facebook have seized the idea and are launching acts of kindness, big and small all over America. The acts are spreading overseas, including one tweeted from Borneo and even Afghanistan.

Social groups, companies, neighborhoods and individuals are all delivering their own unique message of kindness and respect via some 26 Acts of Kindness. Here is a page illustrating some creative ways of Kindness.

With the Spirit in the air of Christmas, I’m in too. I’m up to two so far today. Twenty-four more to go. Its never too late…


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20 thoughts on “26 Acts Of Kindness

  1. Yea, I heard this on NBC”s Nightline last week and that was the story I got. It seems like it mushroomed since then. Still a great idea. ….no matter how many acts you do daily and weekly. Evne counting this post I still have a lot more to do. ~ thanks for dropping by Susie! Have a kindness-filled weekend!

  2. I have heard about this but didn’t realize that Ann was the one who started the trend.
    I am working on it!
    Your post should could as one….

  3. I’m a door opener too. Its a great way to see a smile or meet someone new. And I hope its contagious. Its one thing we can spread around this winter. Thanks for dropping by Lola! I hope the new year is your best one yet!

  4. Since this campaign started I have also tried to simply notice the acts of kindness that I have done for someone else or that they have done for me that would normally happen on any given day. It may be as simple as a smile or holding the door for someone, but those things are contagious and can really brighten someone’s day. I think we get so wrapped up in our own stresses that we sometimes don’t even notice when kindness is all around us. Happy New Year!

  5. Aw, I am honored to meet you too! 🙂

  6. Its my pleasure Gull. I am happy and honored to meet you here in WordPress! Please stay in touch You do great work! 🙂

  7. Thankyou, your words mean a lot Andy!
    I support a local charity too, and thought haven’t kids of my own yet, I try to take me eldest nephew along on their events for getting him some awareness!
    Now, I only wish that I always have people like you with me to encourage me on my path!
    So, again, thank you Andy!

  8. Gull, to encourage our kids down similar paths, we volunteer for a few charities that are special to us, The Lowcountry Orphan Relief group and the American Lung Association, to show them ways we / they can give back. …through acts of kindness. You have a very cool style. I know you will go far and do great deeds.

  9. Aw thanks, sometimes the slightest of support can take you leaps and bounds. Thank you so much for yours, Andy!
    Love from me, prayers too! 🙂

  10. Gull, I feel certain you will succeed and I look forward to reading about your endeavor(s). I love your spirit. Invite your friends! We are here to support you in 3D. All the best to you Gull ~ Andy

  11. I agree, in fact once I am done with these 26 for them, I plan to embark on another similar endeavor, to keep my humanity alive and to hopefully encourage others to follow suit!
    I hope I succeed!
    Love, Gull

  12. Good luck with your 26! I think it is easy to capture this spirit during the days of Christmas. But then why stop at 26? I think we could all feed and water our humanity a bit and watch it grow. Thanks for stopping by Ms Gull and sharing your thoughts…

  13. OMG, I just started doing this yesterday and I am realizing it has gone viral almost everywhere.
    Its always so nice to see the humanity in us awaken!
    Loved the post!

  14. Pay it forward Luanne!

  15. Thanks for writing this post. I see by twitter that Kristin Chenoweth has been doing this for the past couple of days. It’s a fabulous idea!

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  17. Jessica, I completely agree. I was proofreading this (one of many times) and I thought to myself, I wonder if the several deeds of kindness I did last month count towards the 26? I mean, I have not ‘started’ doing acts of kindness on account of this. But if so many people are doing this now maybe some attitudes can be affected. Yes, we deserve it. So do they.

  18. Phenomenal…I only wish we could all be so kind all the time and make the world a merrier place on a more day-to-day basis. We deserve it!

  19. This is something I just heard about. I imagine many others have heard of this earlier. It seems like a wonderful idea although I don’t think it quite equates to the lives in Newton. But its a start. I am hoping yours and mine and others can create a wave on WordPress…if it hasn’t started already. Maybe a post of other people’s acts already done? Looking forward to seeing your post Sunday Karen. Have a great weekend!

  20. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! You beat me to it. Expect something very similar from my blog post this Sunday! 26 ACTS — Pass it on!

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