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Pop Quiz & Christmas Lists

Last year, after all the hype and build up for our oldest’s fourth Christmas, I decided to interrogate quiz her on what she retained from our near month-long festivities.

The results were amusing and yet still disappointing. She usually is so perceptive and has a great memory.

Where did I fail at pointing out the true meaning of Christmas to her?

This was her take on Christmas last year in our Christmas Chwiz…


1) Why do we celebrate Christmas?

A= “I don’t know”  …Daddy (disappointed sigh)

2) What is your favorite thing about Christmas?

A= Disney Princess Castle

3) What will you miss the most about Christmas?

A= “Hmmmm? Aunt Sue! (After some heavy coaching from Aunt Sue)

4) Where did all your presents come from?

A = without hesitation, “Santa!”

5) What was your favorite present?

A = Princess Castle!”

6) What did your little sister like the most about Christmas?

A = “Winnie the pooh and the pink one” (Piglet)

7) What was your favorite thing you ate this year?

A =  “Macaroni and Cheese!”    ~ so much for those truck loads of Christmas cookies we consumed

8) How long should we celebrate Christmas?

A = “Until Friday.” (Aunt Sue and Uncle John went home on Friday)

9) How much did we spend this year to celebrate Christmas?

A = “Hmmm….a little” ( this was her hardest one to answer)

10) What will you look forward to next year for Christmas?

A = “Playing outside.”

I had to do a better job! (Sigh)


So this 4 year old is reading now and continues to impress us with her mental acuity. Could this be the year I celebrate? Did she listen this Christmas season?

Take a look below.  ****GRANDMOTHER ALERT**** there are Christmas lists given here!

(deep sigh) I thought since I do my best thinking in the shower, giving the girls a quiz during bath time would give them the best opportunity to ace the quiz.  (sigh) Well…we still have 5 more days to get the meaning across.

Now, how am I gonna wrap a pumpkin?

Skylar in court 009

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2 thoughts on “Pop Quiz & Christmas Lists

  1. That is a good way of putting it Derek…and we press on. They do show glimpses of grasping it. As long as they have some fun and have a little appreciation. It will come sooner or later. I hope you and your family have a great Christmas Derek! Thanks for dropping by…

  2. Macaroni and cheese is easy enough to make, so I guess that is good. I think I should try this with my kids. I find that my kids understand things in their own way no matter how much I want them to think about it my way. But, we press on.

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