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Its never over till its over….

A quick update on the misadventures of our house sale and purchase.

I don’t know if I told you that we are in the process of purchasing a house. That’s right we found one that “will suit” and so we are trying to land it. With a finite amount of time left before we had to be out of our home my wife comes to the conclusion that finding the perfect house, or floor plan, is just like finding the perfect man…it doesn’t exist so we have to settle for one we can live with.

Thanks hon.

We ‘settled on’ a brand new home in a neighborhood close to work that has the great school system. It is a 5BR 4Bth house with a sun room. It has a smallish back yard but big enough to fence in and put our pool, although that may not be this year due to all this misc. things we have to buy or get or fix as we ‘settle’ into our new home.

new house

Here’s a pic of the house close to the end of its construction. There aren’t many pictures of the inside since it was just completed but this gives you an idea of the living room and how open it is….

a look at the upstairs

But if our journey sounded hectic before it just gets crazier and crazier. A new contract with 50 signatures, moving money, figuring mortgage payments, closing on our old house in the morning and closing on the new house at noon; or else there is no place for us to stay. Will the funds wire through on time? We can’t move into the new home until we pay for it, which is after we sell our old home to get the full deposit.

Its like for 18 hours we have no place to stay. We will be living out of our cars as we hand over the keys to our first home and await our funds to wire through for the deposit on our new home. What happens if the banks hold up on the sale of our house? No stress!

So we are figuring all that out. We have a long list of things that have to happen before we sell our house or buy the other. Home inspections, transfer insurances, bank appraisals, sign this, initial here, sign this that says you already initialed here, and there is a fee for that too. No stress!

My family was down for a week over Easter and Dylan’s birthday. That same week our dishwasher went out. Easter dinner….no dishwasher…except mwah! The alternator on my car also decided to quit. And it looks like our clothes washer wants to follow suit.  We just got done paying for the hot water heater that went out last month. No Stress!

So this past week our home’s buyer sends his home inspector to evaluate our home and look for hidden dangers. We waited 5 days for the results. No news is good news, right?

Finally our realtor gives me a call. She starts out by saying, ” We just got the report back from the buyer. I forward it to your email. Now I don’t want you to get upset when you see it.…” GASP!!

You know when any conversation is prefaced like that it is not good news. He submitted a 23 page article of things that needed to be fixed! GASP!!

She says “its not that bad. Most of these things are easy fixes.”

Sure enough it turns out the home inspector found lint in the dryer vent, tree limbs that need to be trimmed away from our roof, leaves swept out of our air conditioner. I can do that! Give me a break!

And then we see the pictures of the rotted wood beneath our kids bathroom. The inspector notes the wood rotted all the way through to the mortar of the existing tile in the bathroom floor. Our realtor says, “I don’t know why that toilet hasn’t fallen through yet the way these pictures look.” …..GASP!!

Mentally we have already moved into our new home. We are planning furniture and pictures on walls. Snap back to reality. If we haven’t put enough money into this house already these past few months now we have to tear out a floor and repair some rotted wood; rotted wood I never knew existed! No stress!

This money was already ear marked for new patio furniture at our new digs. Or a fence, or a pool deposit. Now I have to fix my house…again…and in a timely matter that it doesn’t screw up this whole house buying/ selling transaction that we have worked so hard to put together. No stress!

I made some calls. Did some appointments. One day I literally had 6 people after me at one exact moment between texts, phone calls, emails, and Instant Messenger. We found a good contractor that can do the work on the rotted wood from the crawl space below. It is going to snatch a lot of our pre-sale funds for the new house but what else can we do? Stay?

So we are moving forward again. The work on the house will start, and hopefully finish next week. We still need an appraisal from the banks on both houses, do our own walk through in the new house, get insurance for the new casa, and probably sign a few more things.

Then box everything up the weekend before, take apart the kids swing set (that won’t be easy on the kids) so we can move it and prepare for the big day at the end of the month where we sell and buy a house over the course of a few hours. …And then meet the truck(s) that have our things and unload and unpack in our new zip code that afternoon. No stress!

Our new address will be “Wild Indigo Lane“. It sounds like a cheap fruity wine, doesn’t it? We already met some of our new neighbors; all nice folks. We are currently accepting names and initial dues for ground floor prices on ‘Wild Indigo Pool Society‘ memberships.

So I wanted to open it up to all of you. If anyone would like to come by and swim in our future pool, swim up to the pool bar, relax in our hammocks, get challenged to pool volleyball and enjoy some burgers and dogs at our cookouts please click here on the pre-construction prices. Hurry! Memberships are limited!

And I promise the money won’t be used to replace some old rotted wood under our current home. Hurry! Lines are now open!

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20 thoughts on “Its never over till its over….

  1. Diane, it has been a little bit of a test here but you are right, we picture the little ones growing up at the new home and we can’t give up….because that did come up a time or two. Yes, I’m picturing lazy summer Sunday breakfasts on our new patio. Fun stuff! Congrats on your beautiful daughter too! I didn’t realize when I saw her vegan post she was your daughter. I would be proud too coastal mom! Have a great week! Thanks for looking in…

  2. I am going backwards on your blog but I love it! Your house is beautiful! Enjoy this time in your life… picturing kids growing up in your new home… all the laughter and joy contained inside these new freshly painted “new house smelling” walls and try to capsulize the first day waking up in your new house and enjoying it all! Cuzz it all flies by so fast! You want to soak up every last minute! Congrats!

  3. I know, this month is just one of those thorns in life we have to endure. I think you are right we will toast this month and laugh in a few months…less grass and less leaves! i am not going to miss the leaves at all! ~ Thanks for dropping by…

  4. Well howabout packing dishes then? Its warm and all the zombies have moved south for the winter…

  5. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying your new home. I bet your girls are super excited. Don’t worry about not having too big of a backyard- less grass to mow.
    A pool!!! I foresee loads of fun:-)

  6. I hate packing! Sorry, you’re on your own. Dishes I can handle but packing stresses me out. I’ll be under my bed if you need me.

  7. if you are any good with packing and unpacking some boxes you have yourself a deal!! What’s your favorite dish? They did finally get our dishwasher fixed last friday. And the closest things you’ll find to zombies is my wife and I from the sleep deprivation.

  8. Um, just an FYI…I love doing dishes. So, y’know, just feed me first and the dishes will be done. 😉

  9. Yes it is sunny and yet still pouring here but we will survive. Its the stress thing, being brought down by things out of our control. You are right, we will get through it and laugh about it this summer. If you are not working, we could use some help moving, but you’ll have to be able to lift some things. 🙂

  10. So you are a comprimise girl too, huh? Poor hubby. Yea, most of the comprimises we can add on to our house. We have to both agree of them first! But we are looking forward to it! Thanks for dropping by Lola. Bring your fav teq and drop by sometime 🙂

  11. Yes, I am 3/4 of the way through the tequila bottle and I opend up a bottle of wine thinking it is one less thing for us to move. ….and that was just to help me sleep when I go to bed. Honest! There is a little bit of groveling and whining too. Thanks for dropping by Ms. Brickhouse!

  12. One Fit Mama on said:

    Hang in there, you’ll be happy when its all over and done. Sign me up for the pool party – soon as I have a job. Argh. If it rains it pours, chin up buttercup, you’ll get through it and be happier for it.

  13. The house looks beautiful! I hope it is smooth sailing from here. As exciting as it seems, I hope I never have to move again. So stressful! I love your wife’s analogy to finding the perfect man. Haha! I guess it’s true. We had to make some compromises on our home, but we still love most things about it.

  14. Alcohol, luck, a good sense of humor, alcohol, patience, prayer, begging, alcohol, crying, screaming, swearing and did I say alcohol…..will help you get through it!!

  15. Positive attitude? I am really wiggin’ here. Stress, being things out of our control, we think we have things planned and people keep on dumping more to-do lists on our laps. We’ll do it though as you are right we have the pool (parties) as the carrot on the big stick to look forward to. Thanks for dropping down Jess. Should I put you down for one or two memberships?

  16. If you have any tips to add please let me know. I thought buying and selling and moving on the same day would be easy as long as their are contracts signed. Yea, I had no idea that bare patch beneath the house was their. It kinda make us wonder what our termite guy was doing under there the last 10 years. Hopefully this will be the last one. Thanks for dropping by Cassye!

  17. I think to keep up the ‘No Stress’ I would, well, either be on prescription meds of some sort (alcohol works too) or be a different person. Maybe that’s why I haven’t bought a house yet, but I have come close. Glad to see you are staying positive and moving forward. Thank you for sharing your struggle and giving me a heads up on the process which will totally be worth it with the pool parties you will be having!

  18. OK, you’ve worn me out. I now remember why I have blocked out all previous moves, and we’ve had a lot over the years. Lotsa details and transitional chaos. Our current house had a rotting subfloor beneath the toilet – we made the same ‘falling through’ comment upon discovery (and it was months after we paid the inspector)! Our inspector kinda sucked. At least you’re moving into a new place. This will cut down on some stress at the receiving end, but until then I hope you can find a way to some of that Wild Indigo into a glass!

  19. It really is nice inside. It has a sunroom. I’m looking forward to sharing some pictures. But the story is far from over it feels. Never had a dishwasher? Well if you want to come and help us move some boxes I promise you won’t have to do any dishes. 🙂 We had our big race in town today with really ideal weather. I hope you had good weather on your run today too. And I found some gloves for you. Thanks for dropping by Jenn!

  20. wow, what a whirlwind!! i feel ya on the easter dishes – we have never had a dishwasher, so i’ve been washing and drying at family functions since i was old enough to be trusted! the new house is lovely, can’t wait to hear about your moving in and decorating adventures!!

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