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Happy Birthday!

Monday was Skylar’s birthday. ~Films at 11:00!

While we are waiting for some vids to get downloaded I just wanted to give you a glimpse of the last carefree day or two.

happy birthday skylar

Yes, little Skye turned 3 Monday. We had a low-key celebration at our house since she and her older sister have basically been receiving gifts over the past two weeks. Her birthday wish for her birthday dinner? Macaroni and Cheese, what else?

But mac n cheese was only the side, the main course you say? Peanut butter and jelly! And even then she still likes to pull the sandwich apart and lick the insides or pick them off with her fingers. Yes, we are still working on her fork skills. You should see what happened to poor Cinderella!

Licking the icing off Cinderella

Licking the icing off Cinderella

Skylar painted her chin with birthday cake icing and then went out to play with her sister and new friend from next door. Nice and low key.

Sunday was the kick off to her birthday weekend as some of her very special grand parents popped into town and had lunch with us. Skylar smiled and laughed and enjoyed all the attention as her grandmother tried to steal all the hugs and kisses. And then, true to form, they walked both the girls out to their car and presented the birthday girls with two life-size birthday bags. It was a great day!

I think they remembered how much Skylar likes her lip gloss…

What did you eat this time?

What did you eat this time?

Because she got another sampling if it again. And she loved it too!

Sitting here I just realized we never said thanks to both of you after the kids tore open their birthday booty so THANK YOU SO MUCH!! The girls loved their new princess jewelry and tents! We loved those dresses! You two are great and we are so lucky to have you in our lives!

The girls treated these grandparents to their best versions of some favorite Schoolhouse Rocks songs. Does anybody remember these? Saturday morning educational commercials? I won’t tell anyone how long ago they were on TV.

  • Conjunction Junction
  • Interplanet Janet
  • 3 is a Magic Number
  • Electricity
  • Lolly, Lolly, Lolly (get your adverb here)
  • Interjections

Mom is always interested in seeing our two girls excel in school and these fun songs really fit the bill. We loved these songs as kids and so far our girls really like them too. It doesn’t matter that they don’t know what adverbs are; or interjections. Heck I was surprised at a couple of the pronouns.

But when the girls get to school these things are just going to click. Like the way Dylan can now count by fives to this song. Ya gotta have fun singing them out…

And having fun with these songs this past weekend took me to a happy place after the last week or two. You see two years ago we went to Ocean City, New Jersey on vacation and the local theater troupe put on a Schoolhouse Rocks play for kids on the boardwalk that week.


Truthfully, mom and dad enjoyed the play and songs more than the kids did that year. But listening to these songs reminded me that is our summer vacation again this year, as we hope the kids are big enough to get on more rides this time. The town is made for kids and young families. So my clan’ll fit right in!

Here is a peak at two years ago at OCNJ, the Schoolhouse Rocks songs and some of the boardwalk adventures if you want to take an impromptu trip right now.

Or if you are interested in more family dirt here is Part I…

More about the summer vaycay later. It was nice just to relive some of those memories.

Friends and family, I am still working on the videos of Skylar’s big day and pictures from Aunt Sue to give you the full scam this weekend as well as some fun things from Easter. Stay tuned!

Happy Birthday Skylar! And have a good week everyone!

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4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!

  1. They are already hard to live with; the youngest asks for ‘your highness’ or ‘your majesty’. (sigh) I tell them the princess door swings both ways (crying, screaming, picking up dirty clothes) I imagine you have raised a Princess or two yourself.

  2. Happy birthday, sweet Skylar! Ah, princess jewelry!!! 🙂

  3. It was nice and not too hectic. Mommy and Daddy can’t handle ‘too hectic’ right now. We went outside and drew on the driveway with chalk with a new b-day present. I told them if they draw on daddy’s car again the birthday is over! Thanks for dropping by Sandy!

  4. Sounds Little Miss and the whole family had a lovely celebration!!

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